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The perfect gift for a smoker – The Real Leaf Rolling Box Set

When you decide to make and enjoy a roll up, do you have a neat clean workplace or a messy one? We are reminded of the expression that was uttered by none other than Einstein who said “If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?” Well very interesting and we do not particularly want to join in on that particular debate but, we feel sure but when you take care to roll up your favourite brand of tobacco, or herbal choice, a clear space, free of any kind of contamination with all your accessories to hand is the best.

Real Leaf have provided this with their Rolling Box Set, with an airtight glass container, a packet of king size organic rolling papers + tips, one professional grinder and a metal rolling tray; the result is everything is kept all neatly together displayed in one smart box. Although our illustration shows Real Leaf Tobacco, this is for display purposes only and must be purchased separately.

We are currently offering this on our web pages at just £14.50 and it is supplied with 1 x Metal Rolling Tray, 1 x Airtight Glass Container, 1 x King-size Organic Rolling Papers + Tips, 1 x Professional Grinder in the neat Cardboard Display Box.

We cannot be sure of course but, perhaps Professor Einstein would agree that at the very least it displays a tidy approach to rolling a cool smoke.

Happy Hamper Gift Set

The happy hamper gift set is a great Christmas present for any avid smoker and is packed full of every kind of rolling accessories you can imagine. The beautiful wicker hamper contains 2 roll-up holders, a rolling mat, ashtray, mini bong, herb grinder and lighter.

It also come complete with a range of rolling accessories including rolling papers and roaches, a small wooden pipe and much, much more. The hampers come lined in one of 5 different designs and are available now for just £28.99, bargain!

Please note that hamper design may vary slightly from the picture.

Roll Tray Gift Set – the perfect smoker’s gift!

The Roll Tray Gift Set is a great gift for any smoking enthusiast and contains everything needed to roll the perfect cigarette. This smoking kit comes with a large rolling tray, ashtray, roaches, rolling papers, a herb grinder and a lighter.

There is also a small wooden pipe and 5 pipe screens for when you don’t feel like rolling your own cigarettes. Please note that the Roll Tray Gift Set design may vary slightly from the picture but does contain all of the smoking accessories mentioned above.

There is also a range of tobacco alternatives and herbal blends to choose from on the Shiva sight to finish your gift off in style.

Happy Hamper Gift Set – an ideal give for any smoker

The Happy Hamper Gift Set from Shiva is a great present for any smoking enthusiast and contains everything needed to roll your own cigarettes. Bundled in a beautiful wicker basket, the Happy Hamper Gift Set includes an ashtray, rolling papers and roaches as well as a mini bong, screen gauzes and wooden pipe.

This set also features some pocket scales, a herb grinder and lighter so you have all of your smoking needs in one place. All you need now is some herbal blends and tobacco and you can start rolling straight away.

Please note that designs may vary from picture, but all accessories are the same.