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Atomic Comic Book cigarette Boxes

The start of the atomic age really began in 1945, with the dropping of the first atomic bomb, we understood that this promised to herald in a new era of cheap power, so cheap that it would be practically given away. Well as we all know it did not come to pass, but it did […]

RAW Slide Top Cigarette Box

Raw papers are the preferred one used by many connoisseurs’ that like to roll their own smokes and for good reason, possibly because are an all-natural, vegan, chlorine-free smoking paper. Raw use no chemicals in the manufacturing process, which is the reason they have a thin brown almost translucent look. Raw Rolling Papers use natural […]

Show your allegiance with the Game of Thrones Cigarette Packet Cover

From the feedback that we have received from you when we first introduced the Retro Cigarette Packet Covers, it was something that you really liked. Not just for the rather snazzy covers, which feature a design inspired by retro adverts, which add a touch of old-fashioned charm to your smoking pleasure, they are very easy […]

Vine Cigarette Case

Rolling your own cigarettes when on a night out can be an arduous task, especially when you’re in a cramped bar or restaurant, so why not roll them before you go out and keep them in this handy and elegant cigarette case. Keeping up to 16 cigarettes in this case and held in place with […]

Jack Daniel’s Cigarette Case

The Jack Daniel’s Cigarette Case is a great gift for the bourbon and cigarette lover and is the perfect complement to a bit of Tennessee whiskey on the rocks. The shiny metal finish and Jack Daniel’s branding makes this cigarette case stand out from the crowd and can fit 14 cigarettes held firmly in place […]

Kingsize Automatic Rolling Box

If you’re new to rolling then you might find that the Rolling King’s Kingsize Automatic Rolling Box becomes your new best friend. The Kingsize Automatic Rolling Box not only holds your tobacco and papers, it also rolls you the perfect cigarette as well. The Kingsize Automatic Rolling Box can be adjusted to roll standard cigarettes […]