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Put your cigarettes out in style with the Sugar Skull Resin Ashtray

You do not have to be a Mexican to enjoy these wonderful painted images depicting sugar art practices in this South American Country during the time that they celebrate Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead. This festival is held in central and southern Mexico in the dark and dreary days of November the 1 and 2nd. These days are public holidays in Mexico to celebrate the Catholic holiday called All Soul’s & All Saint’s Day and the churches, graveyards and homes are decorated with sugar skulls which represent a departed soul.

With eight colourful designs to choose from, Black/Rasta, Green, Pink, Rasta, Red, White, White/Green and Black, you could be spoilt for choice or have a variety around the home to dispose of your cigarettes in style. Not only will the Sugar Skull Resin Ashtrays keep your smoking areas clean, they are funky and fun to have around, they will decorate you rooms and they have a felt backing and will not scratch or mark furniture.

The design is typical of the decorative sugar skulls in Mexico, and each is shaped like a skull, decorated with a beautiful pattern and if you look closely, you will see the beautifully intricate cannabis leaf design.

Help stop littering with the Raw Pocket Ashtray

Do you find it almost impossible to find an ashtray to stub out your cigarette out in when you’re out and about? Hate the sight of cigarette ends on the floor or do you want to do your little bit for the environment, then the Raw Pocket Ashtray is the answer.

This compact pocket ashtray is small enough to fit into your pocket effortlessly and is made from an unrefined cotton blend to give a great vintage look. The foil lining and button popper keeps the contents secured and helps to ensure that minimum odour escapes.

The Raw Pocket Ashtray’s are just £2.99 each, so there is really no excuses for dropping your cigarette ends on the floor anymore. Do your bit for the environment today!

Raw Pocket Ashtray

Hemp Leaf Spanish Ashtray

Carenas is located in the Spanish province of Zaragoza and is a traditional wine producing region, it also provided us at Shiva with beautiful ashtrays crafted to simulate hemp Leaf and because they are all hand crafted and painted, we guarantee that no two will ever look the same.

These hemp Leaf ashtrays will not only look good on any table or desk top, they are truly functional as well. The centre indentation will store all the ash and because the rim is wide, cigarettes of all lengths can be stored there without any problem.

The Hemp Leaf ashtray is just one of the many ashtrays that can be seen at our webpages; these include Brass Leaf, novelty ashtrays such as the crazy Cannabuds Ashtrays, 8-Ball Ashtray, portable ashtrays for when you are on the go and of course our Easyleaf Stashtray.

At the moment we are offering the Hemp Leaf ashtray at a special price, with a 33% discount on the original retail price of £14.99 and now just £9.99 for this hand crafted item.

Hemp Leaf Spanish Ashtray

Gimp Mouse Ashtray

Who said that all the fun had gone out of smoking, well it for sure was not us, evident if you trawl through our web pages. Take the collection of ashtrays that we offer, how about the Gimp Mousse Ashtray just one of our interesting collection.

This ashtray is sure to grab everyone’s attention when they come to your place for a chat or a quiet smoke. I’s not just a decorative item, although it can be if you want, the Gimp Mouse Ashtray will sit smiling devilishly while you smoke, to use it simply lift off the top half by the ears and there is your ashtray with three convenient slots for cigarettes.

Naturally when not in use the mask hides the contents of the ashtray and it is tough, made of tough and durable PVC plastic, this ashtray can endure a little rough play and is easy to clean. The gimp Mouse Ashtray is perfect for a practical use or just as a decorative item.

If this does not take your fancy, we have some other offbeat ashtrays like the Flying Eye, or the Tweetin’Mad, but if it is something more conventional you’re after then take a look at the two examples of carved soapstone, the Prince Gemerald, or Aladdin’s Slipper, the choice is yours.

Gimp Mouse Ashtray

Cheeky One Retro Spinning Ashtray

This retro looking spinning ashtray is a joy to look at and use, and is a perfect accessory for any home. Never again will the contents of your ashtray end up on the floor and the ash and debris is securely held inside until you empty it.

The Cheeky One Retro Spinning Ashtray is made from strong and durable metal and is available in a range of bright colours including blue, orange and red. Using this spinning ashtray is simple, once your cigarette is finished push down on the lever on the top of the ashtray and all of the debris will fall into the base.

The Cheeky One Retro Spinning Ashtray also reduces the lingering smell of cigarette ash, and the retro design looks great in any house.

The Cheeky One Retro Spinning Ashtray is available now for £8.99, so why not get the full range of colours to fill your house with.


Hardwood Cigar Ashtray

Cigar smokers the world over rejoice, there is now a custom made cigar ashtray that can adorn your coffee table. The beautifully crafted Hardwood Cigar Ashtray is a great accessory for any cigar smoker and looks stylish too.

The Hardwood Cigar Ashtray comes complete with a chrome plated cigar rest and a brushed chrome bowl; it is super easy to clean and the base is covered in felt to protect your surfaces from scratches.

The Hardwood Cigar Ashtray is available now for just £13.99 and is ready to adorn even the most luxurious coffee tables.


Tombstone Portable Ashtray

Do you ever find yourself looking for somewhere to stub your cigarette out on a night out only to give up and throw it on the floor? For those of you that hate littering the Tombstone Portable Ashtray is the answer. Help to keep your town or city clean and still enjoy your smoke too!

The Tombstone Portable Ashtray is stylish and practical, and is engraved on both sides; it also features a key ring so you can attach it to anything you want and is compact enough to fit into any pocket or bag.

Once you open the lid a handy little cigarette rest pops out in case you need your hands for something else.

The Tombstone Portable Ashtray is available now for just £2.99 and is a great accessory for any smoker.


Cheeky One Spinning Ashtray – for that retro look!

Cheeky One has a range of innovative and practical smoking accessories and the Cheeky One Retro Spinning Ashtray is no exception. Available in a range of colours including black, blue, red and orange, these spinning ashtrays have a retro design that will suit just about any room.

The Cheeky One Retro Spinning Ashtray is made from strong and durable metal, and the lid fits snuggly meaning that its contents stay firmly inside. To use simply push the lid down to let the ash and other debris fall into the base and when its full take the top off and empty as usual.

Each spinning ashtray comes with a great looking Cheeky One logo on the body and cost just £8.99 each. These retro ashtrays are great for a games room or if you just what to go back to your retro roots.


Cheeky One Retro Spinning Ashtray

We’ve all been there, the ashtray is comfortably sat on the arm of the chair or on the coffee table when all of a sudden it crashes to the floor spilling all of its contents on you carpet. Picking up cigarette butts and hovering up ash isn’t anyone’s idea of a good time, but thankfully those guys at Cheeky One have come up with the answer, their retro spinning ashtray.

The Cheeky One Retro Spinning Ashtray has a great bowl shape design reminiscent of the 1960’s, and comes in a range of colours including red, blue, orange and black; perfect for any room in the house.

Built to last and made from high quality metal, the retro spinning ashtray has a spinning mechanism to keep all of your cigarette butts and ash safely tucked away inside. To use simply push the lid down and empty when required.

Spinning ashtrays are ideal for any home, not only do they keep you room nice and clean, but they also reduce the smell of stale cigarette smoke.

The Cheeky One Retro Spinning Ashtray is available now for £8.99, so why not collect the whole set.

Glass Ashtrays – Trendy and Practical

Every smoker needs a decent ashtray and none are as good as glass ashtrays. Glass ashtrays are great to look at, easy to clean and will last for many years making them a great choice for the avid smoker.

Glass ashtrays come in a range of different designs and styles such as the tradition style which are available with a number of different designs including 8 ball, flames, yin yang and the popular skull collection.

One of the most popular glass ashtrays is the Skull Shaped Glass Ashtray; this ashtray is in the shape of a skull and the grooved teeth make it a perfect place to rest your cigarettes. The Skull Shaped Glass Ashtray is available in two designs, Pulp Fiction or Scarface and are available now for just £7.99 each.

So, what are you waiting for? Order your trendy glass ashtrays today; there is a design for everyone!