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Put your cigarettes out in style with the Sugar Skull Resin Ashtray

You do not have to be a Mexican to enjoy these wonderful painted images depicting sugar art practices in this South American Country during the time that they celebrate Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead. This festival is held in central and southern Mexico in the dark and dreary days of November […]

Help stop littering with the Raw Pocket Ashtray

Do you find it almost impossible to find an ashtray to stub out your cigarette out in when you’re out and about? Hate the sight of cigarette ends on the floor or do you want to do your little bit for the environment, then the Raw Pocket Ashtray is the answer. This compact pocket ashtray […]

Hemp Leaf Spanish Ashtray

Carenas is located in the Spanish province of Zaragoza and is a traditional wine producing region, it also provided us at Shiva with beautiful ashtrays crafted to simulate hemp Leaf and because they are all hand crafted and painted, we guarantee that no two will ever look the same. These hemp Leaf ashtrays will not […]

Gimp Mouse Ashtray

Who said that all the fun had gone out of smoking, well it for sure was not us, evident if you trawl through our web pages. Take the collection of ashtrays that we offer, how about the Gimp Mousse Ashtray just one of our interesting collection. This ashtray is sure to grab everyone’s attention when […]

Cheeky One Retro Spinning Ashtray

This retro looking spinning ashtray is a joy to look at and use, and is a perfect accessory for any home. Never again will the contents of your ashtray end up on the floor and the ash and debris is securely held inside until you empty it. The Cheeky One Retro Spinning Ashtray is made […]

Hardwood Cigar Ashtray

Cigar smokers the world over rejoice, there is now a custom made cigar ashtray that can adorn your coffee table. The beautifully crafted Hardwood Cigar Ashtray is a great accessory for any cigar smoker and looks stylish too. The Hardwood Cigar Ashtray comes complete with a chrome plated cigar rest and a brushed chrome bowl; […]

Tombstone Portable Ashtray

Do you ever find yourself looking for somewhere to stub your cigarette out on a night out only to give up and throw it on the floor? For those of you that hate littering the Tombstone Portable Ashtray is the answer. Help to keep your town or city clean and still enjoy your smoke too! […]

Cheeky One Spinning Ashtray – for that retro look!

Cheeky One has a range of innovative and practical smoking accessories and the Cheeky One Retro Spinning Ashtray is no exception. Available in a range of colours including black, blue, red and orange, these spinning ashtrays have a retro design that will suit just about any room. The Cheeky One Retro Spinning Ashtray is made […]

Cheeky One Retro Spinning Ashtray

We’ve all been there, the ashtray is comfortably sat on the arm of the chair or on the coffee table when all of a sudden it crashes to the floor spilling all of its contents on you carpet. Picking up cigarette butts and hovering up ash isn’t anyone’s idea of a good time, but thankfully […]

Glass Ashtrays – Trendy and Practical

Every smoker needs a decent ashtray and none are as good as glass ashtrays. Glass ashtrays are great to look at, easy to clean and will last for many years making them a great choice for the avid smoker. Glass ashtrays come in a range of different designs and styles such as the tradition style […]