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Infyniti Notorious B.I.G Panther Digital Pocket Scale

Accuracy in weighing certain items are critical, pharmaceuticals for example is vital when compiling lifesaving medications; we wouldn’t want that to be wrong would we?  Cooking is perhaps a case where we follow the recipe of a well know chef who tells us that we need x grams of y, but when we see them demonstrate, the simply pick ingredients up and toss then into the pan and the result is fabulous. However, for us mere amateurs’ accuracy is important if we want good results.

The Infyniti Notorious B.I.G. Panther Digital pocket scale will weigh items in grams, ounces, grains, and carats if you have a few gem stones to check upon. The total capacity is 50 Grams, battery powered by two AAA units which we include, the tray is 70x70mm, with a backlight for easy readability, and is a handy 95x95x18.2 mm in overall size. The lid is removable and doubles up as a handy and convenient weighing tray. The control panel pops out and this enables the user to select the numerous weighing functions including tare weight when required. Currently we are offering this accurate portable scale for £24.99 which is a small amount for a scale with multiple features and accuracy.

Head Chef HC005 Digital Scale

This latest product from Head Chef will not disappoint, it lives up to what we have come to expect from this company. We describe it as neat, if fact it is pocket sized, but do not be put off by the size, above all it is precise and accurate, all that you would want from a set of scales, but we would expect nothing else from Head Chef.

Easy to take with you wherever you may go, it is provided with a Blue Clip Case for Safe Travel, also the scales will be kept safe too and will withstand being knocked or accidentally dropped when kept in their case.

The Head Chef HC005 Digital Scale features six modes, has a maximum capacity of 100 g with an accuracy of an amazing 0.01g, the weighing platform is large enough for most needs at 56mm x 53mm constructed in high quality stainless steel.

Another great feature of these Scales is the removable flip top lid which converts to a weighing tray; the screen displaying the weight is LCD and is backlit for convenience. The scales also feature a “Tare” mode which allows the user to use any container and zero the weight of this so that only the material being weighed is displayed. Two AA batteries power the scales and we include these in our offer price of £23.99 and the product is covered by a three year guarantee for peace of mind.

Accurate weighing is easy with the Chongz Rhino-Tuff Digital Pocket Scale

Users of these highly accurate digital scales have nothing to fear from the “Weights and Measures” Inspector,  unlike many unscrupulous traders in times gone by, when scales used brass weights  on balance scales, when the weight could have some of the brass shaved away, blatant cheating amounting to theft!

Powered by two AAA Batteries, the scales will, using modern technology so easily taken for granted today, using computer calculating for a precisely accurate and reliable reading. The Chongz Rhino-Tuff Digital Pocket Scale is very simple as well as being convenient to use and with a certified accuracy of 0.01g.

Digital scales now feature prominently in most commercial kitchens and it is easy to understand why, the sheer convenience of use!  The Chongz Rhino-Tuff features no less than six unit modes; g, oz, ozt, dwt, ct, gn, a built in overload protection and for the busy, or forgetful user, an auto off feature to prevent the batteries being wasted.

We provide a 50g test weight, mini tongs, mini screwdriver, Android mobile phone cable and User Manual, on offer at our web pages for just £29.99.

Get accurate results every time with the On Balance Truweigh Digital Scale

Built to be sturdy and accurate, the On Balance Truweigh Digital Scale is a great accessory for those who want reliability in a compact size. These scales have an accuracy of 0.01g and a 100g capacity making them great for weighing out small quantities in the kitchen.

The removable lid can be used as a weighing tray and the display has an LCD backlit screen for easy reading. These scales also come with a handy faux leather pouch to keep it safe when it is stored away.

With six different modes, an auto off setting and tare feature, the On Balance Truweigh Digital Scale is the perfect addition to any kitchen. These compact scales are available now for just £12.99, but if you are looking for a bigger set of scales then why not check out our full range of digital scales.

Head Chef HC004 Digital Scale

HC004 Digital Scale by Head Chef is one of our best-selling digital scales and is accurate and affordable, perfect for when you need to weigh something out at a touch of a button. This pocket sized scale features an accuracy of 0.01 grams and can weigh up to 100 grams of weight.

It also features a removable flip-top lid that can be used as a handy weighing tray. The Head Chef HC004 Digital Scale requires 2 x AAA batteries which are included in the box, meaning that you can start weighing straight away.

Some of the other product features include, a stainless steel weighing platform, a backlit LCD screen so you can see it in low light situations, and an auto-off function for maximum battery efficiency.

The Head Chef HC004 Digital Scale is available now for £18.99 and is the prefect addition to any kitchen.

On Balance SBS-200 Digital Scale with Silicone Bowl

Thanks to the clever container and lid which gives the scales protection for discrete storage when not in use. The silicone container is flexible and when unfolded makes a perfect bowl, a feature missing from other scales, which holds the herbs, plant extracts, or ingredients for cooking, ideal also for checking the weight of herbal medications.

The units of measurement are comprehensive and cover most requirements, these include: Grams, Ounces, Troy Ounces, Pennyweights, Carats and Grains. The units are always visible which is because the SPS 2oo has a backlit screen on the 61x19mm display. The scales provide the user with a “tare” function so the weight only of the material is displayed, without the need to first calculate the weight of the container being used.

The scales have a built in overload protection, a power saving auto-off function to ensure that the batteries are not being wasted. The scales use two AAA batteries which we include in the offer price. The On Balance digital weight has a scale of 0.01g and a maximum weight of 200g, and the scree in protected from accidental scratches and knocks by the transparent cover.

Although the On Balance SBS 200 digital scales may be small at only 123 mm x 72 mm x 19 mm, don’t be fooled, these scales are super precise and can hold up to 200g in weight, perfect for anyone needing to weigh small quantities.

Head Chef HC002 Scale

It cannot seem so long ago that if we wanted to measure some herbs, spices or in the Californian “gold rush” the flakes of the precious metal that prospectors hoped would reward them for their long trek with horses and waggons across the continent.  In those “heady” days the Assay offices would not have had today’s digital accurate scale, weights with balance scales would be the order of the day!

How handy would the Head Chef HC002 scale have been to the prospector knowing that he could accurately know the true weight of his gold before he cashed it in? The scales weigh in at just 74g and are a handy pocket size at just 60mm (w) x 20mm (h) x 88mm (d), but don’t befouled by the small size, They have a capacity of 100g and weigh at an accuracy of 0.01g.

The HC002 Scale has a useful back lit LCD screen, a choice of weights Grams, Ounces, Carat’s, Grains, Troy Ounce & Pennyweight, Tare/Calibration and Overload Protection and automatic shut-off.

The scale works with the aid of two AAA batteries which we include in our price of £18.99, you will find these scales more convenient than mechanical or other traditional methods of weighing.

Tanita 1479J Digital Scales

We must give thanks to the march of progress and the never ending quest for technological advance for these high precision scales from Tanita. No longer do we have to weigh products using a balance scale with clumsy brass weights that had to be certified in case some unscrupulous person shaved part of them away.

The Tanita 1479J digital scales which are sold by us feature genuine anti-counterfeit technology, they are not look alike copies, and they are made by the company themselves in Japan. The scales are truly portable and are easily carried in a pocket or bag, they feature a black oxide film coated stainless steel tray, reverse blue backlit display for easy visibility, calibration button, tare button, and 6 different modes of measurement. You can choose from Gram, Ounce, Carat, Troy Ounce, Penny Weight, and Grain, true professional accuracy is guaranteed from 0.01 grams to a maximum capacity of 200 grams.

Full instructions are provided with the Tanita 1479K scales along with 2 x LR-44 Batteries 1 x Neoprene Protective Pouch and for £89.99 you can join the professionals.

Tanita 1479J Digital Scales

TUF-100 On Balance Tuff Weigh 100g x 0.01g

There is an expression “never send a boy to do a man’s job” and that could apply to the TUF-100 On Balance scales which will take just about everything that could be thrown at them, but still weigh out herbs and spices simply and accurately. You can choose from the six weighing modes including grams, ounces, troy ounces, pennyweights, carats and grains.

The detachable lid on which items are placed to be weighed can be conveniently used as a tray and the inner case which is hard orange plastic and includes rubber also features a conveniently large 14mm digital display shown against a bright orange background.

The scales are powered by 2AA size batteries and we include this with your order, the scales are a handy size 142mm x 77mm x 22mm, the rubberised casing will ensure that it can stand up to knocks as also give a good grip too.

The robustness of the scale means that the manufacturers can offer a 3 year guarantee and we can confidently say that the scales will continue to work each and every time you need them. Currently we are offering the scale in a green finish and a limited edition in black.

TUF-100 On Balance Tuff Weigh

Always get your weight measurements right with the Triton T3 Digital Scale

At last we can bring you a set of scales which are not only truly accurate, but are rugged and will stand up to just about most things that can be thrown at them. The scale will weigh items up to a maximum of 400 grams, so just perfect for those culinary excursions into the kitchen. The scales are also ideal for more delicate operations as they measure in increments of just 0.01 gram, so light you imagine that it would be virtually impossible to record. The Triton T3 Digital Scale will weigh in a number of units; grams, ounces, dwt, troy ounces, grains, and carats, something there for everyone!

There are two features which have to make the Triton T3 the toughest digital pocket-size scale in the world, the scales feature a durable, rubber, padded outer case and shock mounted internal components, so a great product if you happen to be in the habit of dropping items.

The Triton T3 is a rugged high capacity scale designed to take the impact of every day wear and tear in its stride. It includes the two AAA batteries which operate the scales, a removable protective cover that doubles as an expansion tray, a backlit display and a 30-year warranty; the Titan T3 is offered by us at just £29.99.

Triton T3 Digital Scale