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Drinks Stash Cans – keeping your valuables safe!

Do you want to hide your possessions away from preying eyes and light fingered friends, you can be sure that’s what we would want to do, so why not make the storage of the possessions look pretty obvious? By using a totally real looking and feeling Stash Can, which you can leave at home or carry around with you it makes the perfect place to keep valuables or personal private stash from herbal mixtures to keys or some emergency money.

The stash cans are virtually impossible to tell from the real thing, you will know if you try to drink form one of them, and they are available in a range of different brands including Coca Cola, Pepsi, Foster’s and Red Stripe. These realistic cans can be carried with you, left in view at home and when you need to access the contents simply unscrew the top of the can where you will see the compartment for the valuables. The soft drinks cans are the same size as standard 355ml drinks can and the alcoholic stash cans are slightly bigger at 484ml.

Keep your prized possessions out of the sight of greedy thieves all for the price of £7.99 each and after you have had them for a while you could be forgiven if you probably forget it’s a stash can and try to take a drink from it.

Drinks Stash Cans