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RAW Black Metal Rolling Tray.

Raw Black Rolling TrayWe cannot for a certain state that RAW is the smoker’s favourite company, we can only say that it is a company featured on our web pages which creates a tremendous amount of hits. Now obviously there is a very good reason for this and that has to be, in a word, quality.
Quality is what is apparent when someone who buys a RAW Black Metal Rolling Tray from our pages is very clear when they first set eyes upon it. Straight away the polished gold-toned metal which is enhanced with a part-black part-clear finish ensures that the gold shines through, we can only describe the effect as being rather gorgeous!

Important though that may be, it is the functionality of the tray that is important to most users, ensuring that no precious tobacco or herbal mixture is wasted. The RAW Black Metal Rolling Tray is deep enough at 20mm to keep the smoking blend within the tray but shallow enough to allow the user to roll a cool cigarette or blend some herbs or tobacco, naturally, the Raw tray comes with a Certificate of RAWthenticity!

We are offering these at our web pages and in-store in a small and large size, these are: small with dimensions: 275mm x 175mm priced at £6.99 and the larger one is 335mm x 275mm with a price of just £10.99. Keep your smoking mixture secure when blending or rolling with the genuine RAW Black Metal Rolling Tray.

Glow Tray x Zkittlez LED Rolling Tray

We believe that these LED Glow Trays will “light” up your friends when you have a get-together, social distancing of course, for a pleasurable smoke. No serious smoker would contemplate rolling up on the kitchen chopping board, although it does keep all the tobacco or herbal mixture neatly together, but where is the fun in that?

So also does the Red Zkittlez Glow LED Rolling Tray and it has further advantages, it features a unique LED lighting addition which can be turned on and off with the push of a button. You can also change the mix of LED colours by looping 6 colour changes for a relaxing mix of ambient lighting. The Zkittlez LED Rolling Tray allows you to see what you are doing, no more turning lights on or off when you are gathered together to watch the latest epic on TV, no matter how long the programme the Glow Tray x Zkittlez LED Rolling Tray will glow nicely for up to 6 hours before it is necessary to recharge the 1800 mAh battery it through the USB port.

These are currently available through our web pages and you have a choice of Red, Purple Orange, Yellow, or Green, time now to abandon the chopping board or kitchen table, there is plenty of room on the 28cm x 21.5cm x 3cm tray, all you need to do is make a choice of tray colour!

Smoke Arsenal Metal Rolling Trays

No serious smoker could make a roll up without one of these eye catching trays, unless of course the breadboard in the kitchen were used and we feel that would not be a very popular idea. The kitchen table perhaps, but then it would be necessary to clean up.

The Smoke Arsenal Metal Rolling Tray keeps all your bits and bobs neatly organised in one place, they also keep your surfaces free from mess and save excess waste whilst rolling. The Smoke Arsenal Rolling Trays are an essential piece of kit for any serious smoker. Not only do they make the perfect accessory, but they also are exquisitely made and come in beautiful designs, ideal for using as decoration too.

There are many designs from which to choose, most are related to TV shows or famous movies, however they have been very subtly changed around to suit the smoker! The trays come in two sizes, the smaller of the two is approximately 18cm x14cm and the larger one, again approximately, measures up at 27.5cm x 17.5cm.

We can honestly say that these are one of the most comfortable accessories for rolling up that perfect smoke without the incumbent mess; and you will no longer have to sweep up or clean off. With ten designs to choose and the smaller at £6.99 and the larger of the two at £9.99 they would make a perfect gift for a smoker friend.

Real Leaf Rolling Box Set

With more people aiming to stop smoking tobacco, the hunt has been on to find a substitute which will satisfy their needs and be free form nicotine too. For an increasing number of smokers, Real Leaf is the “real” thing. The company was established in 2012 and was aiming to find an alternative to the established tobacco brands. After years of much effort and research, many users now believe that Real Leaf has succeeded with the ultimate smoking product.

Real Leaf is now regarded as the global leader in the tobacco substitute manufacture and supply industry. Some of the very best tobacco free herbal brands, all lovingly handcrafted are produced by them. Users have spoken about the delicate flavour and the quite unique aroma of their products. These iconic nicotine and tobacco free herbal blend comprises 100% raspberry, marshmallow and mullein leaves, all designed to make your smoking cleaner and far more enjoyable.

Real Leaf Rolling Box Set is now in their portfolio and is perfect if anyone is looking an all-in-one solution for all their rolling needs, we can say that this certainly fits the bill. The set consists of an airtight glass container which comes full with a complimentary batch of Real Leaf Herbal Tobacco Blend. We offer this Real Leaf Rolling Box at only £11.99 and for this you will receive: 1 x Metal Rolling Tray1 x Airtight Glass Containe1 x King-size Organic Rolling Papers + Tips1 x Professional the grinder is offered in either white or black, all supplied in a smart display box.

We can confidentially say that we believe that this package is carefully crafted with love and inspiration and is available at our web pages for you to experience.

Keep your rolling accessories safe with Rolling Supreme Wooden Rolling Trays

For those who are looking for storage for their tobacco and smoking accessories, the Rolling Supreme Wooden Rolling Trays are the perfect solution. These storage boxes have plenty of room for all your tobacco and herbal mixtures, lighters, papers and roaches, and look great too!

The Rolling Supreme Wooden Rolling Trays come with a light eggshell varnish for protection against marks and scuffs.

Available in 3 different sizes, and with prices starting at just £7.99, Rolling Supreme Wooden Rolling Trays are the perfect storage solution for all of your rolling needs.

Here are the specs for the different sizes:

  • Small (T1) measures 150mm x 38mm x 57mm and features 2 compartments with a built-in v-block rolling tray and paper holder.
  • Medium (T2) measures 155mm x 50mm x 84mm and features 3 compartments (Including a hidden compartment underneath), a removable v-block rolling tray and paper holder.
  • Large (T3) measures 170mm x 60mm x 150mm and features 4 compartments (Including a hidden compartment underneath), a removable v-block rolling tray and paper holder.

Raw Bamboo Rolling Tray

Yet another top class product from the smoker’s favourite company Raw, and as always from them, this bamboo rolling tray has been designed with the serious smoker in mind. One quick look and you will see it has a place for everything, including spaces for grinders, lighters, papers and rolling pots.

Naturally as you would expect from Raw, there is great attention to detail and build quality with this tray, slots for papers, neat cut out for items such as your grinder, lighter and storage jars, the removable section for your tips and pre-rolls, even this is held in place by a magnet.

The Raw bamboo rolling tray has been made with attention to detail, rounded corners not for the pleasant appearance, no this is designed to prevent tobacco and herbs from getting stuck in the corners, not forgetting foam feet on the base of the tray, this will not only stop the tray from slipping, but protect surfaces from becoming scratched.

The tray is a handy size at 219mm x 203mm x 19mm, and although we illustrate this with a grinder, papers etc., they are not included in our price of £24.99, but can be supplied. Because this tray is handmade from bamboo, the actual form, size and shape will vary between trays.

RAW Bamboo Rolling Tray

Lazy-Man Rolling Station

The Lazy-Man Rolling Station is the ultimate rolling accessory for those who like to kick back and relax whilst indulging in their favourite pastime. This rolling tray has a cushion fitted for extra comfort and can be unattached from the tray in case you don’t want to use it.

The cushion also features a handy zip-up compartment to keep all of your rolling accessories and tobacco in so you always know where it is. The bean bag cushion moulds perfectly to any shape making it a sturdy base for all your smoking needs.

The Lazy-Man Rolling Station is available in a range of different colours and designs including flames, 8 ball, skull & crossbones and black and is available now from just £14.99 each.

Lazy-Man Rolling Station

The Lazy-Man Rolling Station is the perfect accessory for those who want to chill out and relax while rolling their cigarettes. The Lazy-Man Rolling Station has a comfy cushion that has its own stash compartment to keep everything out of the way; it is also detachable so that the tray can be used on its own.

The bean bag cushion design effortlessly conforms to your body shape, providing a comfortable feel and sturdy base for all of your rolling needs. The Lazy-Man Rolling Station comes in a range of different designs including plain black, skull& Crossbones and Rasta.

The Lazy-Man Rolling Station is available now from Shiva Head Shop for just £14.99 each, bargain!

Keep your smoking accessories together with the Original Rolling Tray T3

The Original Rolling Tray T3 is a great storage box specially designed for smokers and can house all of your smoking paraphernalia in one place. Made from solid wood, the Original Rolling Tray T3 has numerous compartments to store your tobacco and herbal mixtures, roaches, papers and lighter.

The Original Rolling Tray T3 also comes with a removable V-block that can be used as a handy stand when you roll and reveals even more storage. The inside of the lid has a Rizla holder so that your papers are easily reachable just when you need them.

The Original Rolling Tray T3 is a great addition for any smoker and looks great on a coffee table. It is available now with 30% off, so it only costs £13.99, bargain!

Original Roll Tray – T3 Deluxe

The Original Rolling Tray T3 Deluxe is a great present for any rolling enthusiast and it has enough space to put all of their smoking essentials in. It has space for grinders, papers, filters and tobacco with space left over for all sorts of other things and the V block is a great accessory to help you roll even better cigarettes.

Made by Wolf Productions, the T3 Deluxe rolling tray is made from quality maple wood and will look great, whatever room it’s in. It is available now for just £19.99, so why not give this great give to a friend of family member this Christmas.