Rolling Tray Archive

RAW Black Metal Rolling Tray.

We cannot for a certain state that RAW is the smoker’s favourite company, we can only say that it is a company featured on our web pages which creates a tremendous amount of hits. Now obviously there is a very good reason for this and that has to be, in a word, quality. Quality is […]

Glow Tray x Zkittlez LED Rolling Tray

We believe that these LED Glow Trays will “light” up your friends when you have a get-together, social distancing of course, for a pleasurable smoke. No serious smoker would contemplate rolling up on the kitchen chopping board, although it does keep all the tobacco or herbal mixture neatly together, but where is the fun in […]

Smoke Arsenal Metal Rolling Trays

No serious smoker could make a roll up without one of these eye catching trays, unless of course the breadboard in the kitchen were used and we feel that would not be a very popular idea. The kitchen table perhaps, but then it would be necessary to clean up. The Smoke Arsenal Metal Rolling Tray […]

Real Leaf Rolling Box Set

With more people aiming to stop smoking tobacco, the hunt has been on to find a substitute which will satisfy their needs and be free form nicotine too. For an increasing number of smokers, Real Leaf is the “real” thing. The company was established in 2012 and was aiming to find an alternative to the […]

Raw Bamboo Rolling Tray

Yet another top class product from the smoker’s favourite company Raw, and as always from them, this bamboo rolling tray has been designed with the serious smoker in mind. One quick look and you will see it has a place for everything, including spaces for grinders, lighters, papers and rolling pots. Naturally as you would […]

Lazy-Man Rolling Station

The Lazy-Man Rolling Station is the ultimate rolling accessory for those who like to kick back and relax whilst indulging in their favourite pastime. This rolling tray has a cushion fitted for extra comfort and can be unattached from the tray in case you don’t want to use it. The cushion also features a handy […]

Lazy-Man Rolling Station

The Lazy-Man Rolling Station is the perfect accessory for those who want to chill out and relax while rolling their cigarettes. The Lazy-Man Rolling Station has a comfy cushion that has its own stash compartment to keep everything out of the way; it is also detachable so that the tray can be used on its […]

Original Roll Tray – T3 Deluxe

The Original Rolling Tray T3 Deluxe is a great present for any rolling enthusiast and it has enough space to put all of their smoking essentials in. It has space for grinders, papers, filters and tobacco with space left over for all sorts of other things and the V block is a great accessory to […]