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Pitara Reusable Roach – for the perfect smoke!

Anyone who rolls their own cigarettes or cones knows that having the right filter not only provides a smooth smoke but also acts as a rolling aid too. The Pitara Reusable Roach & Rolling Aid is the crème de la crème of filters and is available in classic oak, elegant rosewood or refined glass. Gone […]

Pitara Reusable Roach & Rolling Aid

Hand rolling cigarettes has become more popular over the past few years as people look for a cheaper way to smoke, but beginners can find it tough to get a good roll. Thankfully there are lots of products on the market to help including the Pitara Reusable Roach & Rolling Aid. This reusable roach is […]

Notes Roach – roll your cigarettes up in style!

Roaches are an essential item to have when you’re rolling your own cigarettes as they stop unwanted debris from going into your mouth. Notes Roach are a cool addition to your cigarettes and as the name suggests they are printed like money. Available in Pounds, Dollars and Euros, these roaches look so real that your […]