Red-Eye Archive

The Red Eye Splif Stik – the perfect smoke!

This is no ordinary cigarette holder, using the Splif Stik is guaranteed to revolutionise the way you smoke hand rolled cigarettes. This is all due to the way that the smoke from the cigarette is drawn through 175 mm pathway and as the smoke passes through, tar is collected in the maze path and the […]

Living up to its name – The Amazed pipe by Red Eye

For the discerning smoker, the one who like a cool satisfying smoke, the Amazed pipe by Red Eye is a perfect choice. This pipe can be regarded as the premium deluxe pocket pipe in the smoking products market and has a system that works by directing the smoke through Red Eye’s unique 320mm journey in […]

Deluxe Amazed Pipe

The Amazed Pipe has been a favourite with us here at Shiva Head Shop for some time now and has a range of features that will suit just about every smoker out there. This compact pipe can be taken just about anywhere and the deluxe brass and chrome finish makes this pipe shine! The Deluxe […]

Bul-It Travel Pipe

Red-Eye are synonymous for making quality smoking paraphernalia and the Bul-It Travel Pipe is no exception. This pipe is designed to give you a quick and string hit just when you need it and is super easy to use. To use the Bul-It Pipe simply, unscrew the bottom (this becomes your bowl) and fill with […]

The Amazed Pipe by Red-Eye

The Amazed Pipe from Red-Eye has been popular since its release and is ideal for any regular pipe smoker and comes in a range of funky colours to suit everyone. The Amazed Pipe features an internal maze system which pulls the smoke though 30cms, this not only provides a silky smooth smoke, but also traps […]

One Hit Pipe by Red-Eye

Red-Eye has been manufacturing quality smoking accessories for years and the One Hit Pipe is no exception. The One Hit Pipe is designed like a mini chillum and is compact and discreet, just for when you need it. To use simply pack your favourite herbal blends into the end cup your hand around the base […]

Red-Eye Rokit V5 Bong

The Red-Eye Rokit V5 Bong is a marvel to behold and is quite possibly the best bong ever made! The Rokit V5 has a specially designed filtration unit which descends down the middle of the bong, once submerged the smoke is pulled through a 14 port dual chamber that splits the smoke up into thousands […]

Red Eye Bling Bongs – Big Punishment

Everyone’s adding a bit of bling to their lives, whether it’s a car, phone or laptop shiny accessories are in! So why not join the craze with the new Red Eye Bling Bongs? These bongs are made from premium acrylic and custom finished by hand. One of the most popular Red Eye Bling Bongs is […]