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Get the party started with the Double Drinking Helmet

This is a great fun idea for Christmas or at a New Year party, the Double Drinking Helmet, is fully adjustable so it will fit just about anyone, all you have to do is add the two cans of your favourite tipple and away you go; you will be the star of the party. Imagine you no longer have to hold two cans or weigh down your pockets and you can take a drink whenever, just walking down the street, trawling the internet, or maybe checking on Facebook notifications, it’s fun and practical too.

As can be seen, the helmet is equipped with a drink holder each side of the hat where cans can be placed, all it remains for you to do is draw up the chosen liquid delight through the transparent straws, both sides at the same time, perfect for a shandy, when those sunny days finally arrive.

This is a wonderful product for the serious or not so serious beer drinker, or you can of course use flavours of soft drink if you have made the New Year Resolution, that you really are going to stick to, and you are on the “waggon” after Christmas and New Year! It has been christened many things the Foam Dome amongst them, but this is just perfect to take to a party or stag do, riding your bike, or at a sports event.

But, we must add a note of precaution here, although it does tremendously authentic, it is not a builders hard hat, so do not consider using it as head protection, it is lightweight plastic, but a great piece of fun at just £6.99.

Double Drinking Helmet

Party games to make a good party great!

Beer Pong

When it comes to party games the Americans do it best, and possibly the best drinking game ever invented has to be Beer Pong. The beer pong sets have everything you need to quickly set up the game, except that is your choice of alcohol.

Each kit contains 22 printed cups and six seamless ping pong balls; for those who want to be a bit more risqué there is also a strip pong set; both kits are available now for £13.99 each.

Double Header Beer Bong

Like drinking games and challenging your friends at the same time? Then the Double Header Beer Bong is for you. This beer bong has two tubes so that you and a friend can show off your drinking prowess, and each tube has a turn off valve so that none of that precise alcohol is lost.

The Double Header Beer Bong is available now for £21.99.

Double Drinking Helmet

Want to party by yourself or need both hands for something else? You guessed it, another American invention the Double Drinking Helmet. This one size fits all drinking hat hold two cans of your favourite alcohol leaving your hands free to do other things.

The Double Drinking Helmet is available now for £6.99; please note that colours may vary.

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Double Bottle Beer Bong – get this party started!

The Double Bottle Beer Bong is great for parties and challenges and really lightens the mood. Much like all American drinking games the challenge is to down the alcohol as fast as you can and the Double Bottle Beer Bong lets you down not one, but two bottles at the same time.

The Double Bottle Beer Bong is super easy to use and will definitely get the party started:

•    Place both of the thin tubes into the desired bottles.
•    Holding both bottles by the neck cover the carb hole and bring it to your mouth.
•    Tilt your head back, release the carb hole and start drinking!

The Double Bottle Beer Bong is available now for just £9.99, and if it’s not for you check out Shiva Head Shops other Beer Bongs and party games.

Double Header Beer Bong – get the party started!

Got a party planned? Then you need some games to play. Like most party games imported from the US, the Double Header Beer Bong is a great laugh. Choose two people to go head to head in a range of drinking challenges and really liven up the party.

The Double Header Beer Bong is had from strong PVC pipes and each end of the pipe has a tap fitted to it to limit the amount of drink that comes out. This device is great for any party and kids can even use it too, just put soft drinks in the funnel instead of alcoholic drinks.

The Double Header Beer Bong is available now for £21.99, why not check out Shiva’s other party accessories and really get your party started.

Beer Pong – the ultimate party game!

The festive season is coming fast and the promise of alcohol and parties beacons; if your hosting your own party and are stuck for things to entertain your guests then a friendly game of Beer Pong can lighten the mood.

America has given us lots of entertaining products over the last 50 years including electronics and television series, but it also gave us possibly the best party game in the world, Beer Pong. This simple game is easy to set up and gives hours of entertainment.

Each Beer Pong set includes 22 plastic cups with fill lines printed on and 6 high quality ping pong balls; it is available in two versions, standard beer pong or for the more adventurous Strip Pong. Each set comes with everything needed to play expect of course your chosen alcohol.

Beer Pong and Strip Pong sets are available now for £13.99 each; let the party begin!

Double Header Beer Bong

Christmas is coming, and that means parties! Why not liven up your party with one of America’s greatest exports, the beer bong. The Double Header Beer Bong is a great item to add to your party arsenal and allows two friends to battle it out to see who is the beer king or queen.

The Double Header Beer Bong comprises of one funnel which is attached to 2 hoses, each of which have a stop valve so you don’t waste any of your alcohol. This device is strong and durable and is built to last for many parties.

So, why not order yours today for £21.99 and get yourself ready for the festive season.

Here at Shiva Head Shop we also stock a range of other party accessories including beer pong, bottle bongs and standard beer bongs.


Xtreme Beer Bong

It’s party season here in the UK, as the weather gets better there’ll be plenty of parties to go to. How do you make your house party the talk of the town? Get yourself one of America’s greatest exports of course, the beer bong.

The Xtreme Beer Bong can notch up any flagging party and features a functional valve so you can control when the beer flows. To use simply fill the funnel with your chosen beverage, get an unsuspecting party goer to put their mouth on the other end and turn the valve to start.

The Xtreme Beer Bong is available now for £18.99; please note that colours may vary.

Not a fan of the beer bong, then why not check out Shiva Head Shops other party accessories such as beer pong and bottle bongs.

Beer Pong – perfect for parties

Summer is officially here and as with all great British summers come the BBQ’s and parties. Possibly one of the best drinking games ever created is beer pong and with the beer pong kit from Shiva Head Shop you’ll be up and running in a couple of minutes.

Each beer pong kit features 22 reusable cups with fill lines printed on them so you know how much to fill them up with and 6 seamless ping pong balls. All you need to add is the beer and it’s time to party!

There are two kits available, beer pong and strip pong and these are both available now for just £13.99 each.

Why not check out Shiva Head Shops other party accessories including beer bongs and bottle bongs, everything you need to have a great party.

Beer Pong – the ultimate party game!

Summer is coming and hopefully the weather will permit lots of barbeques and parties, but how do you keep your party goers entertained for the night? Possibly one of the best party games ever invented is beer pong and with this great kit from Shiva Heap Shop you get everything you need to get started.

Beer Pong is easy to set up and provides hours of fun, perfect for parties and barbeques. Each Beer Pong kit contains 22 pre-printed cups with fill lines and 6 high quality ping pong balls, all you need to add is the beer.

You can also spice things up with the Strip Pong kit; both kits are available now for just £13.99 each, bring on the summer!