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Party games to make a good party great!

Beer Pong When it comes to party games the Americans do it best, and possibly the best drinking game ever invented has to be Beer Pong. The beer pong sets have everything you need to quickly set up the game, except that is your choice of alcohol. Each kit contains 22 printed cups and six […]

Beer Pong – the ultimate party game!

The festive season is coming fast and the promise of alcohol and parties beacons; if your hosting your own party and are stuck for things to entertain your guests then a friendly game of Beer Pong can lighten the mood. America has given us lots of entertaining products over the last 50 years including electronics […]

Double Header Beer Bong

Christmas is coming, and that means parties! Why not liven up your party with one of America’s greatest exports, the beer bong. The Double Header Beer Bong is a great item to add to your party arsenal and allows two friends to battle it out to see who is the beer king or queen. The […]

Rave Sunnies – Get Noticed!

The party season has well and truly started with a whole host of outdoor festivals and parties throughout the country. Make yourself stand out from the crowd with a pair of these bold and colourful Rave Sunnies. These durable glasses are made to last and will survive even the most hardcore nights. Take them on […]

Beer Pong – the ultimate party game!

Summer is coming and hopefully the weather will permit lots of barbeques and parties, but how do you keep your party goers entertained for the night? Possibly one of the best party games ever invented is beer pong and with this great kit from Shiva Heap Shop you get everything you need to get started. […]

Pocket Can Beer Bong – great for parties

The Pocket Can Beer Bong is a great device for parties and can be used for all sorts of drinking games. This compact device turns any standard sized can into the ultimate drinking challenge and is compact enough to take with you wherever you go. The Pocket Can Beer Bong is really easy to use, […]