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The Importance of Lube

Lubricant, in its many different forms and flavours has an important positive effect on sexual relationships and also helps improve self-satisfaction (masturbation). For women it can make the difference between having amazing and comfortable sex and having painful and tight sex. And then for men it can improve sensation and also with some types of […]

ID Juicy Lubes – spice up your sex life

Spice up things in your bedroom with ID Juicy Lubes. These sex lubes are sugar free and calories free and come in 12 mouth-watering flavours including banana, cool mint, passion fruit and berrylicious. The new airless pump design means that you’ll get the right amount of lube just when you need it, and the specially […]

ID Juicy Lubes Gift Pack of 10

With Christmas coming it can be hard to buy something for your partner. Why not spice up things in the bedroom with the ID Juicy Lubes Gift Pack? ID Juicy Lubes are water based lubricants meaning that they are 100% condom compatible, and they are also sugar free and calorie free. There are 10 tasty […]

I.D Juicy Lubes – Fruity and Fun!

I.D Juicy Lubes are great water based lubricants if you fancy a bit of fruity fun. There are 12 great flavours to choose from including berrylicious, lemon, passion fruit and pina colada, and there even better when mixed together! I.D Juicy Lubes are sugar and calorie free, and are water based so leave no stick […]

I.D Juicy Lubes Gift Pack of 5 – Juice up your sex life!

I.D Juicy Lubes are a great addition to your bedroom sessions and come in a range of tasty flavours. I.D Juicy Lubes come in a pack of 5 flavours including strawberry, passion fruit, cherry, bubble gum and watermelon. I.D Juicy Lubes are water based and condom compatible; they are also sugar free, crystal clear and […]