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Add some Zen to your home with the Buddha Deco Set

Add a bit of Zen to your home with the Buddha Deco Set. Specially designed to help you unwind and relax, deepen spirituality and to heal, the Buddha Deco set is a great addition to any home. This set includes an array of different items that can be arranged however you want, here is what […]

Make any room smell better with Re-Fresh Smoke Odor Eliminator

Even the most serious of smokers will probably agree that coming into a room the morning after a very pleasurable smoking session the night before can be not the most pleasant of experiences. There is a tried and tested method of removing the smalls in minutes using an environmentally safe spray, the Re-Fresh Odor Eliminator! […]

Revitalise your home with Re-Fresh Smoke Odor Eliminator

Now we all like to have a nice relaxing and peaceful smoke, at home or in our car but, often this can mean that the room or our cars’ will smell of old stale smoke. We find that even the most ardent smokers amongst us do not like the stale smell, but how do we […]

Helping you relax and unwind – The Galifrey Incense Tower

The fictional planet Gallifrey in the TV series Doctor Who, is the original home world of the Doctor, The Master, and The Rani, as well as other Time Lords that have been seen on the show from time to time. It is the Galifrey Incense Tower that we consider is timeless and is perfect for […]