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Mini Shisha Pipe – your introduction to Shisha smoking

The Mini Shisha Pipe is a great introduction to the world of Shisha smoking and is one of the best starter kits available. The Mini Shisha pipe is easy to set up and use, and features all the tools you need to start using it straight away.

The compact design means that it can be easily passed around at parties and stored away when not in use.

Designs and colours may vary from the picture below, but the smoking experience will not. The Mini Shisha Pipe is available now for just £15.99.

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Mini Shisha Pipe – a great starter Hookah Pipe

The mini shisha pipe is a great introduction to the world of the hookah pipe. Small and compact, the mini shisha pipe is ideal for solo smoking of using for parties and for just £15.99 it’s a real bargain!

The mini shisha pipe is easy to set up, meaning that you can enjoy the delights of your shisha pipe straight away. It also disassembles easily for cleaning.

Check out Shiva’s range of hookah pipe molasses, available in over 20 different flavours and ideal for anyone’s taste.

Please not that designs and colours may vary from picture.

Invite your friends round for a smoke with the High-Life Venus Hookah Pipe

The High-Life Venus hookah pipe is a great smoking accessory to own and is ideal for parties, making a focal point for any room. The blue glass base, chrome stem and red hoses add to the stylish look of this traditional smoking pipe.

The High-Life Venus Hookah pipe features 3 pipes, allowing more than one person to enjoy the fun. A range of hookah smoking mixtures is available from Shiva in a range of different flavours, or alternatively you can use your favourite herbal blends instead.

Together with the hookah pipe itself, you will also receive a cleaning kit, metal tongs and an instructional guide to get you started.

High-Life Hookah Pipe – The Meteorite dual hose hookah

This standard sized hookah pipe is great for sharing with its two hoses and traditional design, and is a great centrepiece for a coffee table or side board. The hand blown glass chamber and stainless steel stem give a quality feel to the pipe, which is airtight when assembled.

The High-Life Meteorite Hookah comes with colour matching hoses, both Pyrex and clay bowls, a cleaning kit and metal tongs, as well as a full user guide to get you up and running in no time.

Hookah pipes are simple to use load the shisha tobacco into the bowl, place the hookah coal on top, light and enjoy the hookah experience, most people who try a hookah for the first time never go back to traditional smoking.

A full range of hookah accessories is available from the Shiva shop including tobacco, hookah coals and replacement parts.

Harem Shisha Pipe

The Harem Shisha Pipe is a large hookah pipe that stands an impressive 20 inches high and has a luxurious look and feel that is great to keep on display between smoking sessions.

This hookah has a traditional glass base which is decorated with gold flowers and a clear glass stem to add to the look. The shisha pipe hose in 40 inches long so it can be used at a distance and the clay bowl can fit a generous amount of hookah smoking mixture.

To use the Harem Shisha pipe simply, load your chosen smoking mixture into the bowl and cover with some foil, place the hookah coals on top and light, now sit back and relax by inhaling your sweet shisha herbs.

If you order the Harem Shisha pipe today you will receive 20% off meaning that you only pay £30.39, great!

Please note that colours may vary from the picture.