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Take your hookah anywhere with the Amanoo Portable Hookah V2

This device is a great way to enjoy vaping, it looks good, black with red trimmings, very easy to use and convenient to carry and handy for the pocket or bag. The Amanoo Potable Hookah V2 uses E-liquids, simply fill the tank/atomiser with your favourite E-Liquid, or you can experiment with a combination of different […]

Shiazo Shisha Steam Stones

For a great many of us the Hookah or Shisha pipe is a great way to enjoy our favourite herbal mixture or tobacco product, and whilst the beginnings of this favourite have become lost in time, many believe that it was invented in 16th century mediaeval India. We know of course, that many people of […]

The Mirage 67cm Shisha Pipe

There are many theories about how the shisha pipe, or hookah, as some prefer to call it, originated was it India, Persia or Egypt, there are many claims, but we know it grew in popularity, there is no denying that it has. Any number of examples of traditional hookah can be seen, some made from […]

Relax with the Hareem Shisha Pipe

This Hareem Shisha pipe is the latest addition to our range of these smoking devices and is a great personal pipe that can be enjoyed, by just yourself or with others. Standing 430mm tall the Hareem Shisha is guaranteed to produce a cool clean smoke and produce clouds of very flavoursome smoke as well. The […]

Experience the Range Nile Modern Hookah

The hookah pipe can be traced back to the 16th century and use of it can be traced back to origins in India, It is widely used in the Far East as well as the Middle East and now increasingly in the modern Western World. There are a number of styles of hookah, but the […]

The History of Hookah Shisha Pipes

Deep rooted in ancient tradition, the origins of Hookah, Shisha, Narghile or water pipe are widely argued. Born from Middle Eastern history many countries claim to be the ‘father’ of this multi-stemmed instrument. From India to Iran, Turkey to Syria and along to Egypt pinpointing the origin has never been confirmed despite all these countries […]

Al Fakher Molasses 200g

What to treat yourself to a taste sensation when using your shisha pipe? Then you need some Al Fakher Molasses. This nicotine and tobacco free molasses is specially formulated for use in shisha pipes and provides full impact flavour with every smoke. Available in eight fantastic flavours including apple, strawberry, peach and orange, Al Fakher […]