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Herbal Tobacco

There can be no doubt that Herbal Tobacco has taken off in a big way it is believed to be a safer way to enjoy a cool smoke and from reports that we have had back from some of our customers they tell us they would not consider going back the standard tobacco products. Greengo […]

Real Leaf Wild Damiana Organic Smoking Blend

This company is a relative newcomer when we are considering smoking or tobacco products, but do not be fooled by newness of the company or the Real Leaf Wild Damiana Organic Smoking blend; it’s a real winner and has become a global leader in the tobacco substitute field. The Real Leaf Wild Damiana Blend is […]

Real Leaf Organic Herbal Tobacco

If what you want is a 100% tobacco substitute that is an organic natural blend, nicotine free, easy to roll thanks to the finely chopped leaf, guaranteed not to leave any aftertaste, and certified by an independent laboratory to contain no formaldehyde or DDT, that lights every time easily, as well as uniformly, we have […]

Smart Portable Vaporizer by RAD

The Smart Portable Vaporizer by RAD has been specially designed to be one of the most efficient and easy to use vaporizers on the market, and it certainly lives up to the hype. This highly portable device features three different heat setting so you can get the right temperature for your herbs, making it highly […]

Da Vinci Portable Vaporizer

The Da Vinci Portable Vaporizer is set to become one of the must have smoking devices in the world; it’s compact, discrete and effective at providing the best hit possible. This compact vaporizer has a digital temperature display allowing users to dial in the correct temperature for their specific herbs and oils, providing better efficiency. […]

Mecha Shisha Pipe

Shisha Pipes have been used for hundreds of years as a smoking device and the Mecha Shisha Pipe is one of the best looking shisha pipes we have in our shop. This two foot tall glass shish pipe is a great focal point for any room and its long stem and wide base ensure that […]

Volcano Vaporizer – Simply the best!

The Volcano Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel is regarded by many as being one of the best vaporizers on the market, and with a feature list like this it’s no wonder. The Volcano Vaporizer features a balloon and valve system as opposed to other vaporizers that use hoses or tubes; this provides a more leisurely […]

Da Kube Portable Vaporizer

Looking for a compact and efficient vaporizer to take with you wherever you go? Then I give you Da Kube Portable Vaporizer. Designed to be as compact as possible, but with the same efficiency of a standard vaporizer, Da Kube Portable Vaporizer is the perfect device for travelling. Da Kube Vaporizer is really easy to […]

Better-Bat Pipe with Grinder Tip

Some of the best ideas are simple, and that’s exactly what the Better-Bat is, simple. The Better-Bat is a one hit pipe that is super easy to use and clean. To use, fill the pipe head with your chosen herbal mixture, light and inhale. Once you have finished simply push down on the end of […]