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Chongz 50mm Aluminium Grinder Pod

We are really pleased at Shiva with the addition of the Chongz 50mm Aluminium Grinder to our comprehensive collection of grinders, or crushers as some prefer to call them, why, because for one thing they are manufactured to the highest standard by the much respected manufacturer of smoking and related products Chongz!

The grinder itself is made in seven separate parts, this alone makes the Chongz Grinder easy to keep clean and we know how important that is, particularly if we are going to use the grinder for culinary purposes in the kitchen.

Users will find that by using the Chongz 50mm Grinder life in the kitchen is so much easier and will save not just time but make the herbs and spices blend into the dish that is being prepared. They are also not just confined to use within the kitchen, but are great for grinding tobacco or herbal smoking products guaranteed to allow a smooth even burn; other uses can be for grinding coffee as just one example.

This beautifully constructed sifter grinder is in seven separate parts, measuring  92mm high, 52mm wide with a diameter of 50mm and is currently offered on our web pages for £39.99 with a choice  of either black or silver.

Krush ECO Kube Grinder

Some great products have arrived to us from across the “pond” and we have to say the this Krush ECO Kube Grinder is just one of them;  Simple in appearance as well as being ergonomically designed to make it simplicity itself to use, the square design has the advantage of not only looking good, but it actually helps the grinding process by giving a better grip.

Manufactured to the highest medical grade standards, with anodized aluminium teeth designed to shred your herbs to the correct consistency every time and without the herbs becoming contaminated. It also has the advantage of being perfectly safe to use in a dishwasher ensuring absolute cleanliness.

In common with the original Kube, the Krush ECO Kube Grinder gives fine and course grinding depending upon which direction the grinder is turned.  When settling down to enjoy smoking the herbal mixture that has been ground, this Krush ECO Kube very neatly doubles up as an ashtray!

It is easy to understand that the grinder was 16 months in the development and making, but it was time that was well worth the wait, now the Krush ECO Kube is under protection with a patent pending in the USA, very understandable when you experience the grinder in operation.

We are currently offering a choice of three colours for the ECO Kube; Deep Blue, Rose or Teal and at only £24.99, a better grinder for a similar price would be hard, if not impossible to find!

Grind your herbs to perfection with the Headchef Cyborg 62mm Sifter Grinder

It is no surprise to us at Shiva that Head Chef grinders are one of the most asked for on our web pages, the grinders, crafted from anodised aluminium, are designed to fit easily into your pocket so you can take them wherever you go. They can be used for a variety of grinding, anything from herb spices and even coffee beans for smaller cups of coffee although it is primarily used for herbs because of the sharp teeth on the inside that can tackle tough herbs.

The Cyborg 62mm Sifter Grinder is amongst the most popular, featuring a no thread easy lock system, no crossed threads here! Also it has interchangeable sifter Screen for easy clean & screen replacements. Another great feature are the dual direction blades, this makes it different from traditional 4 part grinders, these blades allow for better shredding, no matter which way you turn the it, again thanks to the threadless design.

The swept edge collection plate in the crystal catcher makes it simple to catch the ground herbs; also the gauze / screen can be removed and replaced for easy cleaning. You can be sure that this Cyborg 62mm Sifter Grinder will grind to perfection your herbs or spices and we are offering these in two colours, either Carbon Black or Gamma Green on our web pages at just £39.99. Small enough to carry if needed at just 62mm in diameter and with a height of 53mm.

Chube Buddy Silicone Grinder on Keyring

The Chube Buddy Silicone Grinder Keyring is an air tight, smell proof and water resistant herb grinder which is small enough to take with you wherever you go.

The Chube Buddy Silicone Grinder can grind your herbs in a matter of seconds by just using your hands; placing the grinder between your fingers and rolling it back and forth effortlessly grinds your herbs into more manageable pieces ready for use.

Made from durable silicone, this grinder is almost unbreakable and is water resistant, keeping your herbs safe until you need them. The non-stick silicone teeth makes it easy to get all of your herbs out and is really easy to clean, making it a great travelling companion.

The Chube Buddy Silicone Grinder Keyring is available in a range of colours including black, blue, green and yellow and at just £7.99 is a cost effective grinder for when you are on the move.

Headchef Spaceman 4 Piece Sifter Grinder

From a Galaxy far far away, the Headchef Spaceman 4 Piece Sifter Grinder is from another world! This ergonomically designed grinder features diamond shaped teeth to easily chop and grind even the toughest herbs, and the fine mesh on the lower compartment filters the finest and most potent parts of your herbs ready for when you need them.

This lightweight grinder feels great in the hand and the smooth grinding system is seamless with no binding or screeching. This premium grinder comes complete with the famous Headchef Spaceman logo and a branded luxury felt carry pouch, sifter scraper and presentation box.

The Headchef Spaceman 4 Piece Sifter Grinder is available in five great colours including Alien Green, Black Hole Black, Plasma Yellow, Sun Flare Orange and Neutron Purple and are available now for just £29.99 each.

Whether you are looking to grind your herbs, spices or tobacco mixtures, the Headchef Spaceman is perfect for the job and because of its aluminium construction is built to last a lifetime.

After Grow Solinder Sifter Grinder

With many things, the finished item is only as good as the preparation that is put into it before the end product is revealed, and this can be just as easily applied to preparing our herbs before using them in the kitchen, or enjoyment we get from smoking them.

The grinder is the place to begin and the value of this should not be underestimated, After Grow are masters of their art, with them you know that you will be getting a great product, those that have managed to buy a Thorinder Sifter Grinder will happily endorse this. The Solinder is another winner from the makers of Thorinder, similarly made up of four parts, it comprises a two part grinder section, which has super sharp teeth to ensure a good clean cut, a sifter to make sure that the best and most potent part of the herb is sifted and collected in the bottom chamber.

Renowned for quality, as well as being simplicity to use, you can be assured that the After Grow quality means that the Solinder Sifter Grinder product has been designed to be extremely durable, lasting for years.

We are offering these to you in four colours, Grey, Blue, Orange, as well as Red, grab the one in your favourite colour and start grinding, these After Grow don’t hand around for long on the shelves, get one for your collection.

RAD Just Grind It Clear Top Sifter Grinder

This Rad grinder is guaranteed to give consistency every time thanks to the clear window which allows you to see your herbs being crushed exactly as you want them or just for the fun of watching them disappear into the net or main collection area. The Rad Just Grind It four part grinder has a neat sifter net which allows you to collect the most potent part of the herbs from the main herb collection area, which can be either stored in your stash pot or used immediately, allowing you get the very best from your herbs.

This beautifully made grinder will shred and crush your herbs with ease, these  grinders have a smooth action, thanks to the diamond cut teeth providing you with the perfect consistency every time, just what we all need either for culinary or smoking use

With dimensions of approximately 48mm tall and 50mm in diameter, they are easily carried in a pocket or bag, the Rad is of the highest quality and is highly regarded both here and in the US. Currently we are offering the Rad in five colours, black, blue, purple, pink or silver.

After Grow Thorinder Sifter Grinder

Thor was a Norse mythological god of Thunder, popularly associated with lightning, storms, oak trees, strength, as well as the protection of mankind, and this superb grinder is inspired by him. The lightning bolt featured is tribute to that other god, this time in Greek mythology Zeus. He was the god of the sky and ruler of the Olympian gods, his weapon was a thunderbolt which he hurled at those who displeased or defied him, especially liars and oath breakers, so watch out!

With the sharp lightning bolt shaped shark teeth this classic sifter grinder, this will ensure that all your herbs are ground to the perfect consistency every time. We think that you will agree that the Thorinder Sifter Grinder, constructed with anodised aluminium and medical-grade stainless steel, is not only a beautiful thing to look at, it is completely functional and easy to use. Comprising four layers, you can choose exactly the right consistency for your herbs and spices and it has a magnetic lid to keep your herbs safe at all times.

Supplied in two sizes, 50mm or 62mm and in a range of colours, which include green, grey, orange as well as blue; we can confidentially say that the Thorinder herb grinder from After Grow is the ultimate tool for all your grinding requirements, making light work of even large amount of herbs and spices, reducing them into different consistencies to give you the best quality and flavours.

After Grow Thorinder Sifter Grinder

Create culinary delights with the Head Chef Speedy G Grinder

As any chef will tell you, grinding ingredients to the right consistency every time is vital if you are to reproduce recipes faithfully time after time, that also applies to amateur cooks and just as importantly smokers who need their favourite herb ground or shredded down to the preferred consistency.

The Head Chef Speedy G Grinder will do that in the same way as many others, but there is a subtle difference, a clever hole has been included in the side to make pouring out the herbs simple. When not in use, the plug will keep the herbs in perfect condition ready for when they are needed. This is a great feature for the smoker, as they can just pour the ground herbs straight into the rolling paper, perfect when out and about.

The Head Chef Speedy G Grinder features super sharp trapezium shaped teeth, this will ensure that the herbs and spices are ground or shredded to absolute perfection. So as many a chef, amateur of professional knows, a herb grinder is one of the most essential items to have, Head Chef grinders always get the seal of approval from anyone who has used them, many consider that they are the very best on offer.

We offer the Head Chef Speedy G Grinder in five distinct colours, black, blue, purple, green or red, all at just £17.99, time to get cooking!

Head Chef Speedy G Grinder

RAD Just Grind It Sifter Grinder

No more fiddling about with this four part grinder which is constructed from high quality anodized aluminium; this gives the grinder great strength as well as durability. As described the RAD is a four part grinder with the top two sections that are packed with sharp teeth to effortlessly tear up your herbs or spices.

The third section is the clever piece which, unlike other grinders does not rely on the sifter being screwed on, it neatly incorporates a drop in design and the sifter is held in position by sandwiching it between the centre part and the base. The user can then easily inspect the sifter and look at any content still in the sifter as well as the base, it also means that it can be taken out and the grinder used without it if preferred.

The 50mm size or an alternative size of 62 mm across enables a bumper load of herbs or spices to be loaded into it, without the need to keep adding more of the herbs. The two RAD sifter grinders are being offered by us in colours of blue, pink, silver, black, purple and red in the 50mm size, or black, blue, purple or red in the 62mm size.

RAD Just Grind It Sifter Grinder