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Sativa Hemp Coin Pouch

Although with the current way to pay for so many everyday items by using contactless cards, where we do not have to put in their treasured pin number, just simply wave it at the screen, many people are no longer carrying money. Some believe that if it were up to the Banking Sector, money would […]

Sativa Hemp Shoulder Bag

As part of their environmentally friendly Hemp/Cotton bag range, the Sativa Hemp Shoulder Bag is made entirely from a mix of natural hemp and cotton making them strong and durable, perfect for everyday use. The Sativa Hemp Shoulder Bag features a magnetic button lock hidden behind the front buckle providing users with quick access with […]

Sativa Hemp Wallet with Chain

We could have a handbag or “man bag” but, if you are looking for something that is versatile, but at the same time classy as well as functional, then we think you will find that this hemp wallet will carry all your essential gear, credit cards, bank notes, coins, driving license or ID, and it […]

Feel the benefits of Hemp Soap Bars

This soap is not just a trendy accessory; experts tell us that it has tremendous benefits derived by the simple use of hemp extract to purify your body and moisturise dry skin through this soap. We have these Hemp soaps made for us in Holland and these are offered as a 35g bar in a […]