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Hornet All Natural Pre-Rolled Tips

Containing no added chemicals or bleaches, Hornet All Natural Pre-Rolled Tips are the perfect solution for those who want a natural smoke. Made with natural paper and natural gum, these pre-rolled tips have a diameter of 7mm and are 18mm long, making them prefect for rolling your own cigarettes. With 120 pre-rolled tips in the […]

Rolls Smart Filter – a revolution for herb smoking!

The Rolls Smart Filter is one of those inventions that once you start using you’ll never go back! Specially designed for use with herbal mixtures, this smart filter features an innovative filtration system that prevents debris from going into your mouth and provides a cooling effect making it a smoother smoke. The perforated design keeps […]

RAW x RooR Slim Glass Roach Filter Tips

Specially designed to provide smokers with a more sophisticated smoking experience, these RAW x RooR Slim Glass Roach Filter Tips are strong and durable, and a joy to use. A collaboration between smokeware companies RAW and RooR, these glass filter tips are the slimmest on the market and are hand blow using quality German Schott […]

RAW Natural Unrefined Pre-Rolled Tips

The story of Spanish company RAW is a long and interesting one, which really all began when Josh, the founder, used to watch fascinated when his father performed, what, to seven year old child, was a magic trick of major proportions. He used to watch as the rice paper, that his father used to roll […]

Smoking De-Luxe Kingsize Papers with Tips

Smoking Papers have long been a favourite with many connoisseurs, even if they are not quite one handed experts at the art of rolling. What they do know is that we do not want the flavour to be affected in any way, which unfortunately can happen with some papers. This Spanish company knows more than […]

Roor Limited Edition Phuncky Feel Tips

Serious smokers and lovers of the cool relaxing use of bongs need no introduction to the Roor Company that produces the famed high-end borosilicate jointed-glass bongs, brainchild of Martin Birzle, a German glass-blower. So when smokers were looking for a high quality tip for their hand rolled smokes, you can imagine their delight when Roor […]

Newport disposable 10 pack cigarette filters

We know that certain plant extracts such as tobacco when smoked produces a residue of tar and although our lungs can filter very effectively the air that we breathe and need, a smoker inhaling an excess amount can overload our body’s own filtering mechanism and the lungs can become contaminated with the tar. This is […]

The Bulldog Perforated Filter Tips

Amsterdam coffee shops, not to be confused with cafés, have been a part of the city since the 1970s, now if you still reminisce about your trip to Amsterdam; it is possible to partially relive this using the official items such as Bulldog Perforated filter tips. Now we know that these Bulldog Perforated Filter Tips […]

Mary’s Delight Activated Carbon Filters

Ask anyone who has used one of Mary’s activated filters and they will tell you that the result is that the filters not only gives a more pleasant flavour but also reduces the amount of harmful toxins and tar that you inhale. The same can be said whether the carbon filter is used for your […]

Pitara Reusable Roach – for the perfect smoke!

Anyone who rolls their own cigarettes or cones knows that having the right filter not only provides a smooth smoke but also acts as a rolling aid too. The Pitara Reusable Roach & Rolling Aid is the crème de la crème of filters and is available in classic oak, elegant rosewood or refined glass. Gone […]