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Dark Crystal Glass Cleaner

It is easy we are told to clean crystal glass, a good stiff brush, some scouring powder and “Hey Presto” all the dirt and grime are gone, but also is the gleaming shine that makes expensive Crystal Glassware so attractive. Luckily there is a much simpler and safer way to bring Crystal back to looking […]

Keep your bongs and pipes clean with ROOR Cleaning Solution

The way that the discerning landlord of your favourite pub or bar keeps the beer that they serve to you in pristine condition when he pours it from the beer font into the glass, is achieved by keeping the serving lines and equipment meticulously clean. To enjoy a perfect smoke through your bong, you should […]

Dr Green Bong & Pipe Cleaner

Keeping your bongs and pipes clean and properly maintained is key to getting the most out of them and Dr Green Bong & Pipe Cleaner is perfect for the job. It does not contain any nasty chemicals either, making it a great choice for those who want to be environmentally friendly. Dr Green Bong & […]

Limpuro DLX Pure Odour Eliminator Tub

We’ve all seen the adverts on the TV or read about being ‘Nose Blind’ where the gradual accumulation of smells in one’s home become unnoticeable, but other people can smell it. To set your mind at rest and leave your rooms smelling fresh and revitalised we advise using Limpuro DLX Pure Odour Eliminator. This 200g […]

LimPuro Air Fresh Orange Odour Eliminator

Even though we may smoke, there comes a time when curtains and furniture fabric becomes tainted with odour from not only cigarettes and pipes, but also from cooking smells, and pets too. Previously curtains had to be washed or taken to the dry cleaners, but today, with the help of LimPuro Air Fresh Orange Odour […]

Keep your bong in pristine shape with ROOR Anti-Lime Solution

Keeping your favourite bong in pristine condition with the glass sparkling is not always easy and this is particularly so as most of our drinking water contains lime deposits and this can mean that the surface of the glass becomes dull and dirty looking. Cleaning has been made very easy thanks to the ROOR anti […]

Killer Cleaner Concentrated Bong Cleaner

You have spent some of your hard earned cash buying a quality bong and keeping it clean not only keeps it looking good, but it will certainly ensure that you get a clean smoke when used. The easiest way to keep your bong in sparkling condition is to use a good quality cleaning solution and […]

Enjoy a better smoke by keeping your bong clean

Your bong, like any piece of apparatus has to be kept clean and i good working order if it is to function at its best. You will have noticed over a period of use that the bong will become slightly discoloured and when it is you will not be getting that pure cool smoke. The […]