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RAW Double Barrel Cigarette Holder

Have you ever felt the time when one was just not enough, maybe you like to be the joker at the party, but whatever, you will score on both counts with this beautifully handmade product from sustainable Brown Knotwood that has been grown in the Pearl Valley of Fukian China. Now what this means is […]

Rolling that perfect cigarette

We fully understand those that want to roll their own cigarettes, they are fresher and certainly that is understandably as they are far less chemically. Not everyone is an expert at hand rolling and for those we would suggest using one of the rolling machines to be found at our web pages. One of the […]

Herbal smoking accessories

Shiva online is the place to find some great accessories for you to enjoy herbal or tobacco products. The cone roller is a neat, incredible product that will take the hard work out of rolling allowing you to easily roll a cone and fill it, all in one handy device. The Cone Roller is ideal […]

Electronic Cigarettes heading the way of Conventional Cigarettes?

In recent years electronic cigarettes have gained popularity as people turn to them away from conventional cigarettes either as an aid to quit smoking or just to change their habits. Currently you can smoke electronic cigarettes indoors, in places such as restaurants, bars and shops. However Wales is now looking to ban smoking e-cigarettes in […]

Chicago to ban E-Cigarettes after Vote

To add to the list of cities which prohibit the use of e-cigarettes in offices and indoor public areas is now Chicago. The council recently approved the proposal which will see the use of e-cigarettes limited long the same lines as tobacco. They will be prohibited in offices, indoor public areas and within a certain […]

High quality lighters – Turbo Flame Rocket

Lighters are a must have item for any smoker, but how many times have you gone to light your cigarette with your ‘5 for £1’ cheap lighter only to find that it doesn’t work or has ran out of gas? That’s not a problem with the fantastic Turbo Flame Rocket lighter. This small and compact […]