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Eliminate unwanted smells with our range of scented Headshop Candles

There was a saying many years ago, probably still apt today,  which is “you get what you pay for” and although the price that we are offering the sixteen various scented Headshop Candles may, on the face of it seem higher than you may expect, these are no ordinary scented candles, it’s the cost per […]

Turn up the festive cheer with these Church Pillar Candles

There does not have to be a special time to buy these beautiful Church Pillar Candles, but with Christmas soon upon us we can think of no better time, this is made even more attractive as we are offering a 10% discount, not just on these candles, but right across the site! Offered in two […]

Keep your home smelling fresh and clean

Even the most ardent smoker will confirm that entering a house which reeks of stale tobacco smoke or cooking smells is not something that is guaranteed to turn them on. Sprays often work for only a very short time and at best just mask the smell for a few minutes. However at Shiva we do […]