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Squeezebox Travel Bong

For those who may not know, a “squeezebox” is an affectionate name for an instrument that was very popular pre WW2 and still is in the café culture of Paris; in other words correctly known as a piano accordion. Well the “Squeezebox” which we offer will not play Parisian music, but it will give you […]

Bounce the Stove Silicone Bong

The Stove Silicone Bong from Bounce is one of the best travel bongs on the market, it’s made from strong and durable silicone so you don’t have to worry about it getting broken, but it also hides an array of other special features. This 5 piece travel bong features a glass bowl with handle to […]

Atomic Folding Portable Silicone Bong

There can be few of us that have not had a spot of back luck with a glass bong, especially when taking it to friends for a party. It just seems that no matter how careful we may be, we drop it or somehow manage to break it, with the inevitable result that not only […]

Telescopic Travelling Pipe – your travel companion!

Summer is coming, and with all of the parties and festivals going on you’re going to need a handy travel pipe so you can have a smoke anytime. The Telescopic Travelling Pipe fits the bill perfectly and its compact yet practical design means that you can enjoy your favourite smoke when you’re out and about. […]

Telescopic Travelling Pipe

The Telescopic Travelling Pipe is a great smoking accessory to have for parties or festivals and is compact enough to fit into a pocket or small bag. The Telescopic Travelling Pipe is fully collapsible and measures just 32mm, but when you open it up it turns into a fully functioning water pipe measuring a mighty […]

Travel Bongs – The Mini Traveller Glass Bong

Now you can take your herbal highs and tobacco mixes with you with the Mini Traveller Glass Bong. This compact bong can be taken anywhere, ready to give you a smooth discreet hit just when you need it. The Mini Traveller Glass Bong has a hole in the middle making it easy to hold and […]