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Squeezebox Travel Bong

For those who may not know, a “squeezebox” is an affectionate name for an instrument that was very popular pre WW2 and still is in the café culture of Paris; in other words correctly known as a piano accordion.

Well the “Squeezebox” which we offer will not play Parisian music, but it will give you a fantastic hit whenever you want. For the many that may have used one of our gravity bongs, they will be familiar with the functioning of the gravity bong and the “Squeezebox” operates in the same way.

All that is needed is some of your favourite herbal mixture, which is placed into the cone which you then light. Holding the “Squeezebox” at the top, allow the concertina tube to descend by its own weight until it is fully extended and then you are ready.

Simply draw the smoke from the tube and be ready for a massive hit in a matter of just one second, a real shotgun effect without you having to strain in any way at all. Who wants to listen to a Parisian Accordion when you can get a hit like that one anyway?

The “Squeezebox” is the latest addition to our store and web pages and is proving to be a big seller already, hardly surprising at the low cost if just £14.99, they are literally flying out of stock, get yours now, we are not sure when we will be able to replenish our diminishing stocks.

Bounce the Stove Silicone Bong

The Stove Silicone Bong from Bounce is one of the best travel bongs on the market, it’s made from strong and durable silicone so you don’t have to worry about it getting broken, but it also hides an array of other special features.

This 5 piece travel bong features a glass bowl with handle to easily place and remove it, a silicone downstem for a tight seal, a two-piece body for easy disassembly and transport and a detachable diffuser which can also be used to hold ice cubes for a super smooth smoke.

To use, simply open up the bong and fill up with water, add the diffuser/ice holder and seal back up. Then all you have to do if fill the bowl with your favourite smoking mix, light and puff away, easy!

So if you are in the market for an unbreakable bong with a list of great features, look no further than the Stove Silicone Bong, yours for just £29.99, bargain!

Atomic Folding Portable Silicone Bong

There can be few of us that have not had a spot of back luck with a glass bong, especially when taking it to friends for a party. It just seems that no matter how careful we may be, we drop it or somehow manage to break it, with the inevitable result that not only do we end up losing a smoking accessory, but we are then tasked with cleaning up a bunch of glass and bong water.

Well that will not happen when you take the new Atomic Folding Portable Silicone Bong to the party, it is easily folded and made from medical grade silicone and available in six vibrant colours. We have to say that nothing can compare to a super glass bong, but although it may seem strange to hold onto a silicone stem instead of your usual glass bong, but don’t be fooled by that, the smoke is excellent. These medical grade silicone bongs are extremely durable, and they are remarkably easy to clean with soap and water and they will not slip out of your soapy hands and shatter in the sink, like glass sometimes does, it folds up into a small pocket size, held in place with the strap.

Unlike the more traditional glass based bongs which usually stay indoors, the Atomic Folding Portable Silicone Bong, is great to just throw in your bag on the move, making it the perfect travel companion, just take it to party, in fact anywhere, perfect peace of mind that you will not be breaking your expensive piece of smoking glassware when out on adventures.

Available in Black, Green, Orange, Red, Pink and Blue, these colourful bongs are perfect for anyone on the move, or who could be described as being just a bit on the clumsy side!

Telescopic Travelling Pipe – your travel companion!

Summer is coming, and with all of the parties and festivals going on you’re going to need a handy travel pipe so you can have a smoke anytime. The Telescopic Travelling Pipe fits the bill perfectly and its compact yet practical design means that you can enjoy your favourite smoke when you’re out and about.

When folded down the Telescopic Travelling Pipe only measures 32mm high so it will fit into most pockets and small bags, and when fully extended the pipe turns into a standard sized water pipe with a big hit.

The Telescopic Travelling Pipe is made from acrylic making it highly durable and easy to clean making it a great travel companion.

The Telescopic Travelling Pipe is available now for £9.99; please note that colours may vary and cannot be picked.

If you’re looking for something a bit more traditional why not check out our extensive range of bongs from Shiva, they include glass and acrylic bongs in various sizes that will cater for everyone’s needs.



Telescopic Travelling Pipe

The Telescopic Travelling Pipe is a great smoking accessory to have for parties or festivals and is compact enough to fit into a pocket or small bag. The Telescopic Travelling Pipe is fully collapsible and measures just 32mm, but when you open it up it turns into a fully functioning water pipe measuring a mighty 185mm tall.

Made from strong and durable acrylic, the Telescopic Travelling Pipe is super ease to use and comes with its own carry case so it’s always ready when you are. To use, take the top off, extend the pipe, screw in the down pipe and you’re ready to go.

The Telescopic Travelling Pipe is available now for £9.99; it is recommended that you use pipe screens with this water pipe. Colours may vary from the picture below.


Travel Bongs – The Mini Traveller Glass Bong

Now you can take your herbal highs and tobacco mixes with you with the Mini Traveller Glass Bong. This compact bong can be taken anywhere, ready to give you a smooth discreet hit just when you need it.

The Mini Traveller Glass Bong has a hole in the middle making it easy to hold and is completely airtight thanks to the strong rubber O-rings that keep the downpipe and mouthpiece completely secure. This bong can be disassembled quickly for cleaning and comes with a leather carry pouch to keep your bong and smoking blends together for easy storage.

Why not check out the range of herbal blends on the Shiva website for a perfect addition to this stylish and compact bong.