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Double Bottle Beer Bong – get this party started!

The Double Bottle Beer Bong is great for parties and challenges and really lightens the mood. Much like all American drinking games the challenge is to down the alcohol as fast as you can and the Double Bottle Beer Bong lets you down not one, but two bottles at the same time. The Double Bottle […]

Double Header Beer Bong

Christmas is coming, and that means parties! Why not liven up your party with one of America’s greatest exports, the beer bong. The Double Header Beer Bong is a great item to add to your party arsenal and allows two friends to battle it out to see who is the beer king or queen. The […]

Xtreme Beer Bong

It’s party season here in the UK, as the weather gets better there’ll be plenty of parties to go to. How do you make your house party the talk of the town? Get yourself one of America’s greatest exports of course, the beer bong. The Xtreme Beer Bong can notch up any flagging party and […]

Beer Pong – perfect for parties

Summer is officially here and as with all great British summers come the BBQ’s and parties. Possibly one of the best drinking games ever created is beer pong and with the beer pong kit from Shiva Head Shop you’ll be up and running in a couple of minutes. Each beer pong kit features 22 reusable […]

Double Bottle Beer Bong – Get the Party Started!

Having a party and want it to be kick ass? Then why not get some beer bongs. The Double Bottle Beer Bong as the name suggests, allows you to down two bottles of beer at the same time and really gets the party started. This beer bong is easy to use and clean for the […]

Pocket Can Beer Bong – great for parties

The Pocket Can Beer Bong is a great device for parties and can be used for all sorts of drinking games. This compact device turns any standard sized can into the ultimate drinking challenge and is compact enough to take with you wherever you go. The Pocket Can Beer Bong is really easy to use, […]