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Vapir Mini Vaporizer – vaporize on the go!

Vaporizers have become very popular over the past few years as people look to enjoy their herbs but not have the side effects associated with smoking. Standard vaporizers tend to be bulky, so Vapir has come up with the mini vaporizer, which is highly portable without losing any of the vaporizer experience.

The Vapir mini vaporizer is one of the best selling travel vaporizers in the world and comes with a small LCD screen so you can monitor the temperature of your herbs. The fanless design creates a dense vapour so use with care.

In the Vapir mini vaporizer box you will find, the mini vaporizer, detachable mouthpiece, wall power adapter, cleaning brushes and two spatulas. There is also the option to purchase a rechargeable battery pack to make the Vapir mini ultra portable.

The Vapir mini vaporizer is available now for £74.99, the rechargeable battery pack is available separately for £39.99.