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Headchef ‘Activated Carbon’ Smell Proof Street Satchel

Feedback from customers is important; some might say that it is vital if manufacturers’ are to keep ahead of the game. Certainly it would seem that Headchef has had some great feedback from customers concerning their Activated Carbon Smell Proof Street Satchel.

The bag and the technology has been rigorously tested and found to be absolutely reliable, not only do any smells form the tobacco or herbal mixture stay within the generously sized bag, they remain completely dry too!

Looking at the style of the satchel, we can see that it has a large capacity main zip pocket as well as a front zip pocket, to the back is a is a rear insert Velcro pocket. For ease of transportation when out and about there is a shoulder strap which is removable and held in place by a dual clip. All the zips are water repellent which ensures that they are fully waterproof as well, which prevents any smells from escaping, and also any tainting from strong smelling substances will not get in either, thus ensuring that your smoking mixture is dry and not adulterated in any way.

Generously sized at Width: 21cm x Height: 26cm x Diameter: 9cm in a neutral black colour, we are currently offering the Headchef Satchel at £59.99. Stocks are very limited and we cannot guarantee that when this stock is exhausted, we will be able to replace it.

Avert Carbon Lined Smell Absorbent Pocket Bag

When you are “out and about” and taking your tobacco or herbal mixture, the last thing that you would want is for it to become wet. The Avert Carbon Lined Smell Absorbent Pocket bag is manufactured using a PVC outer and is waterproof which will ensure that you precious material is kept dry.

However there is another feature to this carry bag is that it has an odour absorbing lining which means that smells from your material will not escape, and also tainting from strong smelling substances will not get in either! So you can now be sure that you have a secure dry place to store your smoking, or other materials.

The Avert Pocket bag comprises a premium odour-absorbing carbon lining with protective mesh, PVC waterproof outer material, a zipper that is both smell resistant and waterproof, is stylish and lockable.

Conveniently sized at Length: 140mm, Width: 115mm, we are now offering this at our webpages for only £15.99. Grab this top seller and be safe and secure when transporting your smoking essentials.

The Drifter Backpack by Revelry

Revelry’s revolutionary odour absorbing and water resistant Drifter rolltop backpack is the perfect product for avid adventurers and features a range of storage solutions for you travels. The Drifter Backpack has a custom system of layers starting with a rubber-backed woven nylon which protects the dual carbon filter while adding an extra layer of odour protection.

The inside of the backpack has a cotton lining, adding a soft touch to protect the contents of the bag. With a capacity of 23 litres, the Revelry Drifter Backpack can hold a large amount of contents making it ideal for long adventures. The double clip closure, waterproof zippers and countered shoulder straps makes this backpack strong, protective and comfortable to use for hours on end.

Measuring 20 x 13 x 6 inches, this backpack is great to use as hand luggage on flights and is available in two great colours, black and striped dark grey.

Sativa Hemp Shoulder Bag

As part of their environmentally friendly Hemp/Cotton bag range, the Sativa Hemp Shoulder Bag is made entirely from a mix of natural hemp and cotton making them strong and durable, perfect for everyday use.

The Sativa Hemp Shoulder Bag features a magnetic button lock hidden behind the front buckle providing users with quick access with deterring pick pockets. Inside the bag there are three compartments to store your possessions, as well as a key holder to keep them safe and easy to access.

This bag also features an adjustable strap which can be removed, allowing the wearer to use it as a shoulder bag or waist bag via the fastening strap located on the back.

The Sativa Hemp Shoulder Bag is available in 4 colours, grey, kaki, brown and plumb, and measures 23cm tall, 17cm wide and 7cm deep.

Why not check out our range of Sativa Hemp Wallets to finish of the look?

Make a statement with the Sativa Hemp Shoulder Bag

We are happy to introduce this new line because it is acknowledged that Sativa Bags have quickly established themselves as being at the forefront of eco-friendly design and they are comfortable, durable, and eye catching as well as being environmentally friendly.

A quick look will confirm that this Sativa Shoulder Bag that we are offering is practical and made with environmentally friendly Hemp and Cotton mix of 55% Hemp and 45% cotton, making it very durable. Ideal for everyday use, and amongst the many features is the magnetic button lock hidden behind the front buckle fastening which deters pick pockets, but at the same time and gives the user quick and easy access.

The Sativa bag is versatile too, the shoulder strap is adjustable, it can also be removed if required, it can be used as either a shoulder bag or as a or waist bag thanks to the magnetic button fastening strap located on the back. Inside the bag there are three compartments, plus a key holder has been added to prevent your keys from damaging the attractive and practical Sativa branded lining.

With a size of W-17cm; H-23cm D-7cm the bag will store plenty of everyday items and the size also makes it perfect for using as a carry-on bag that will not upset even the most “picky” of budget airline check in staff giving them nothing to worry about when you go on holiday; offered by us in four attractive colours, Brown, Grey, Khaki or plum, at the very affordable price of only £32.99.