Ashtrays Archive

Make a statement with the Tweeting Mad Ashtray

He was loved by cinema going audiences when he first appeared in the early 1940’s and almost up to the present day, along with his nemesis Sylvester the cat, the little canary like cartoon character Tweety Pie. The two of them proved beyond doubt that there had become one of the most notable pairings in […]

The Bulldog Spinning Ashtray

There will be people who may be “of a certain age” that will remember ashtrays that were similar to this one, many will remember the original.  Well it did originate in Amsterdam the coffee shops of Amsterdam in 1975; and this was at a time when Companies such as cigarette lighter “king” Ronson, were involved […]

Atomic Coffee Cup Car Ashtray To Go

Car manufacturers in days, now long gone, took a certain amount of pride in designing ashtrays for their cars, sometimes these were in the doors in differing positions, but in the front of the car they could be placed centrally on the dashboard so both the front seat passengers could access them, or in the […]