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Have some fun with the Rocks off Ramsey Rabbit Vibrator

We do not believe that men should have all the fun; this is why we have some sex toys which are specifically aimed at the ladies. One of our big sellers is the Rocks Off Ramsey Rabbit vibrator which delivers intense vibrations just where the lady likes them the most. We guarantee that Ramsey, he’ll […]

Spice up your body with Vajazzles

Brighten up your life and that of your partner by adding some Vajazzle to your body, the private bits or the more public ones. The Vajazzle Kits can be used for pamper parties, hen nights, nights out, casual adornment, Valentines, Honeymoon, Holidays, there is no limit, it’s just fun and so easy to apply. They […]

Oral Sex Machine gets a Huge Amount of Crowdfunding

Looking at the next level of Oral Sex Machines the Autoblow 2 unlike a Fleshlight is operated electronically and seems to be a popular product looking at the backing it has on crowdfunding site Indiegogo. Its investment target was $45,000, but has received another $235,247 on top of that, so it seems like Letsgasm! Who […]

Enhancing your Yourself

Penis enlargement and male enhancement, are terms which describe techniques which increase the size of your manhood, in girth or length. Often penis enhancing kits can have some effect on the size of the manhood, however don’t expect miracles. The enhancement kits here at Shiva, are mainly designed for enhancing pleasure, they can increase size […]

Miley Cyrus likes dildos too!

Dildos come in a range of different sizes and styles and are a top seller here at Shiva Online for those who want to experiment in the bedroom. It seems that even celebrities want to get into the action on those lonely tour nights when there is nothing else to do. Last week Miley ‘the […]

Absurd ‘Electric Condom’ Launched On IndieGoGo

I dare you to get through this video without laughing! Especially the end bit! Firaz Peer and Andrew Quitmeyer from Georgia Tech’s Digital Media Program have designed an electric condom. They have launched it on IndieGoGo crowd-funding website, to get financial backing to make their design come true. Their electric condom is designed to “enhance […]

Shiva Joy Health Update – Kegel Exercises

January is the time of the year where we start off well intentioned to get healthy and exercise. It’s important to exercise all of your body not just the usual suspects such as legs, arms and stomach. One important exercise for women is the Kegel exercise, which improve muscle tone by strengthening the pubococcygeus muscles […]

Perfect Present for Your Lady – Bound by Diamonds ‘G’

A lovely gift, the Bound by Diamonds ‘G’ is the perfect clitoral stimulator with a lovely sexy sparkly design. This compact yet powerful vibrator is perfect for the woman on the go. Fitting neatly into handbags or luggage for stimulation when you want it. The Bound by Diamonds ‘G’ is made from silky smooth Velvet-Cote™ […]

The Fleshlight

The most popular masturbation aid (bar your own hand) for men, is the Fleshlight. The handy sized (see what we did there) sex toy comes nicely packaged in the shape of a flashlight (hence the name) with a choice of flesh like inner sleeves which are shaped and modelled on vulva, anus, and mouth orifices. […]

Too Sexy Australian condom advert Banned

I think this advert was probably banned not because it was too sexy, but the fact that anyone watching it felt really uncomfortable. Not getting Aussie humour, this advert is nothing more than a bit of awkward acting or like watching a really bad porn movie. Produced for Four Seasons Condoms you get to watch […]