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Have some fun with the Rocks off Ramsey Rabbit Vibrator

We do not believe that men should have all the fun; this is why we have some sex toys which are specifically aimed at the ladies. One of our big sellers is the Rocks Off Ramsey Rabbit vibrator which delivers intense vibrations just where the lady likes them the most. We guarantee that Ramsey, he’ll bring you to climax and have you begging for more!

This bunny is powered by the RO 80mm bullet, and it is removable if you would prefer to have a more direct stimulation. Cleverly designed, Ramsey’s ears sit nicely at either side of the clit, this will absolutely ensure that you will get orgasms like you have never experienced them before, in a matter of seconds, in fact and they will be literally earth shattering!

Naturally Ramsey Rabbit is made from 100% medical grade silicone, ensuring that he is easy to keep clean and being entirely waterproof, this will ensure that the RO bullet is fully protected. You will find that the silicone is soft and super smooth, enabling you to massage any of your intimate areas.

In a choice of pink or purple, Ramsey is brought to you at a price which is not earth shattering, just £23.99.

Rocks Off Ramsey Rabbit

Spice up your body with Vajazzles

Brighten up your life and that of your partner by adding some Vajazzle to your body, the private bits or the more public ones. The Vajazzle Kits can be used for pamper parties, hen nights, nights out, casual adornment, Valentines, Honeymoon, Holidays, there is no limit, it’s just fun and so easy to apply.

They are applied to bare skin whether this has been shaved or you have had it waxed, even down in that special area. They take a short amount of time to apply, and what’s more you can do it yourself, or your partner can help no need to go to a special salon.

These are the ultimate in body accessories, with a wonderful selection for you to choose from, you can join the stars, fashionistas, celebs, and remember each of the Vajazzle body gems is a gem, made from true Swarovski crystals that look just like real diamonds with the same sparkle.

The genuine Vajazzle crystals are really smooth will stay even on the curviest parts of your body, and will usually stay put for up to five days, and are reusable with good suitable glue such as eyelash glue. Add to your ankles or shoulder and keep them guessing about the bikini line, that’s you and your partners secret.


Oral Sex Machine gets a Huge Amount of Crowdfunding

Looking at the next level of Oral Sex Machines the Autoblow 2 unlike a Fleshlight is operated electronically and seems to be a popular product looking at the backing it has on crowdfunding site Indiegogo. Its investment target was $45,000, but has received another $235,247 on top of that, so it seems like Letsgasm! Who seem to be the company behind the Autoblow 2 seem to be onto a winner!


Watching the video give you a real idea on how the Autoblow 2 works with added humour from inventor Brian Sloan. See the video below:

You can pre-order the Autoblow 2 now with deliveries expected by July and it is priced at $129, although we are not sure on delivery to the UK, but like us they do offer discrete shipping!

Now here at Shiva Online we don’t have any plans to stock this, or know if we can or its availability, however we do have a number of other fantastic sex toys to titillate yourselves with!

Enhancing your Yourself

Penis enlargement and male enhancement, are terms which describe techniques which increase the size of your manhood, in girth or length. Often penis enhancing kits can have some effect on the size of the manhood, however don’t expect miracles.

penis pumpThe enhancement kits here at Shiva, are mainly designed for enhancing pleasure, they can increase size but they do increase sensitivity. Great for fun with a partner or on your own! There are a number of different options available, from suction based kits like penis pumps to cock rings you should be able to find something to suit your needs.

And women fear not, although you may benefit from your partners enhanced manhood, don’t feel left out. We also sell a range of nipple and clitoral enhancers. Products designed specifically with a woman’s need in mind, here at Shiva we have a number of fantastic products available.

clitoral enhancement kit

Working along the same lines as products designed for men, the nipple enhancers can be used to treat inverted nipples and they greatly increase sensitivity and give amazing pleasure. Clitoral enhancement kits, allow users to experience intense orgasms, by increasing blood flow to the clitoris. Again these kits are great to use with a partner or for fun on your own.

All our enhancement kits have been tested to a high standard and go through a number of safety tests. They are also hygienic to use, but do require careful aftercare to ensure they stay clean and hygienic.


Miley Cyrus likes dildos too!

Dildos come in a range of different sizes and styles and are a top seller here at Shiva Online for those who want to experiment in the bedroom. It seems that even celebrities want to get into the action on those lonely tour nights when there is nothing else to do.

Last week Miley ‘the tongue’ Cyrus tweeted out some pictures to her 17 million followers posing with her brand new dildo the Hand of Adonis. According the manufacturer’s website, the Hand of Adonis is an ultra-realistic, 16 1/2 inch arm which ends in a “duck bill” positioned hand specially designed to provide the best stimulation. Personally, we haven’t seen the Hand of Adonis in the flesh yet, but from Miley’s pictures it looks like an interesting device.


The former Disney star turned global singer hasn’t commented on whether she has used the dildo or not, although the best guess is that she has at least thought about it.

Miley Cyrus’s latest tour Bangerz has been filled with raunchy stunts and controversy from the start, as she tries to shed her Disney princess look and break into the mainstream. Whether it will work or not remains to be seen, but at least she has a helping hand to keep her warm at night.

Miley 2

Pictures courtesy of: @MileyCyrus

Absurd ‘Electric Condom’ Launched On IndieGoGo

I dare you to get through this video without laughing! Especially the end bit! Firaz Peer and Andrew Quitmeyer from Georgia Tech’s Digital Media Program have designed an electric condom. They have launched it on IndieGoGo crowd-funding website, to get financial backing to make their design come true.

Their electric condom is designed to “enhance your sexual pleasure” by stimulating the penis with bursts of electricity. It’s already hard enough to get kids these days to wear condoms, but we at Shiva are not sure how this electric condom will make anyone want to wrap it up! The duo need $350 to make one of the devices, unsurprisingly they have only made $5.

Anyway check out the video below and see what you think of the electric condom.

Shiva Joy Health Update – Kegel Exercises

January is the time of the year where we start off well intentioned to get healthy and exercise. It’s important to exercise all of your body not just the usual suspects such as legs, arms and stomach. One important exercise for women is the Kegel exercise, which improve muscle tone by strengthening the pubococcygeus muscles of the pelvic floor. It’s normally prescribed to pregnant women, but many women find it particularly helpful, whether they have had children or not and those of all ages.

Kegel exercises are just good for your general health but also your sexual health. Studies have shown, that women who perform kegel exercises would orgasm more easily, frequently and intensely. Kegel exercises also strengthen your vaginal muscles which will boost your arousal, which is why many women also enjoy performing these exercises.

  • Kegel exercises are also useful in helping to prevent or control urinary incontinence and other pelvic floor problems. However it is important that you perform them correctly.
  • Find your pelvic muscles, when urinating try and stop the flow. Once you have done that, you have found your pelvic floor muscles.
  • Finish urinating, then lie on your back. Then tighten those muscles again and hold for 5 seconds. Release wait 5 seconds and tighten again. After you have done this five times in a row, try holding for 10 seconds, ten times in a row, with 10 second intervals.
  • Make sure you’re only tightening your pelvic floor muscles, avoid tightening your abdomen, thighs or buttocks. It’s also important to breathe whilst performing kegel exercises. Aim to perform these 3 times a day if you can. After a while you will be able to do them, sat or stood up, rather lying on the floor.
  • Always remember to do kegels with an empty bladder, otherwise you run the risk of contracting a urinary tract infection. Only time to do the exercise is when you’re locating your kegels in the beginning. Don’t stop and start peeing any other time.

Ben Wa BallsOther options available include Ben Wa Balls. These are actually one of the oldest sex toys and kegel exercisers the planet, which will exercise your pelvic floor muscles. They are worn inside the vagina and are weighted so you can feel them when you move.

Subtle vibrations are made when you move with these inside you, these vibrations will strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. Using Ben Wa Balls allows you to have an intense and sensual workout.


Perfect Present for Your Lady – Bound by Diamonds ‘G’

A lovely gift, the Bound by Diamonds ‘G’ is the perfect clitoral stimulator with a lovely sexy sparkly design. This compact yet powerful vibrator is perfect for the woman on the go. Fitting neatly into handbags or luggage for stimulation when you want it.

Bound by Diamonds 'G'The Bound by Diamonds ‘G’ is made from silky smooth Velvet-Cote™ which is soft to the touch but also strong and durable. Part of the fetish gear and fetish playwear from Bound by Diamonds, the vibrator also comes adorned with a lovely diamond detail at the base so not only does it hit the spot it also looks great.

It is also really easy to use, the Bound by Diamonds ‘G’ has three intense functions for maximum pleasure of vibration and pulsation with an easy push button control. The Bound by Diamonds ‘G’ measures 2.5”x 1.25”/ 6.25 cm x 3.25 cm and uses 2 AAA batteries. Any girl would love this as a present!

The Fleshlight

The most popular masturbation aid (bar your own hand) for men, is the Fleshlight. The handy sized (see what we did there) sex toy comes nicely packaged in the shape of a flashlight (hence the name) with a choice of flesh like inner sleeves which are shaped and modelled on vulva, anus, and mouth orifices. Fleshlights are marketed for heterosexual men, however homosexuals shouldn’t feel left out, because Fleshlight brand also brought out Fleshjacks. These have been specifically designed for gay customers who want an authentic feeling to their masturbation.

Fleshlights have been modelled the female sex organs the original Fleshlight, the Pink Lady was the first one to be developed with the patented SuperSkin™. The overall design of Fleshlights allow new levels of masturbation and exciting sexual gratification which you wouldn’t have experienced before not even with a real woman. The texture of the inner tube of the original is smooth, and most closely resembling female anatomy, however as ranges have expanded so have the options of the inner sleeves, which feature a number of textures including bubbles and bumps to increase feeling and pleasure. These include:

Fleshlight VibrateDestroya
Wonder Wave
Speed Bump
Super Ribbed

As well as similarities to generic lady parts, for porn enthusiasts you can shop the Fleshlight Girls where you can use Fleshlights which have been modelled on your favourite porn stars lady bits so you can really get into it when watching your favourite porn movies. Stars you can experience including:

Fleshlight ladiesAlexis Texas
Kayden Kross
Jessica Drake
Bibi Jones
Riley Steele
Jenna Haze
Jesse Jane
Asa Akira
Misty Stone
Lisa Ann
Tori Black
Teagan Presley
Tera Patrick

The mouths, vaginas, anus are modelled on the porn stars for an authentic experience. Some of the Fleshlights from the Girls collection also come with an all new unique signature line of textures to enhance your pleasure. You can choose as many as you want of the interchangeable Fleshlights and have your very own porn star orgy.

Here at Shiva Joy we can get you started with your Fleshlight experience, starting with the Fleshlight Stamina Training kit which is designed to help men improve their endurance. This along with the Fleshlight Vibro Pink Lady and Fleshlight pure is a good place to start, before you build your Fleshlight collection.


Too Sexy Australian condom advert Banned

I think this advert was probably banned not because it was too sexy, but the fact that anyone watching it felt really uncomfortable. Not getting Aussie humour, this advert is nothing more than a bit of awkward acting or like watching a really bad porn movie. Produced for Four Seasons Condoms you get to watch a couple ‘test driving’ condoms in a pharmacy.

Producing an advert which obviously wouldn’t get airtime is a clever marketing ploy. The video has received a staggering 230,000 hits and counting on YouTube, plus many likes on their Facebook page. Make up your own minds about the video below, is it a contender to beat the VIP E-Cigarettes ads?