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Game Of Thrones dildo throne goes on sale on Ebay!

After the shocking conclusion to Season Five of Game of Thrones this week, many fans are left wanting more, but thankfully on fan has put up a piece of GOT fan art that is truly unique. The iconic Iron Throne from the popular TV series has been erotically re-imagined with swords replaced with dildos. The […]

Have some fun with the Jesse Jane Fleshlight!

Not found the right one yet and still “flying solo”, well we’re sure that miss right will come along soon, but in the meantime why not spend some time with the Jesse Jane Vagina Fleshlight. With this super smooth sex toy you will experience the most realistic vaginal intercourse sensation possible. Combined with incredibly lifelike […]

Have some fun with the Rocks off Ramsey Rabbit Vibrator

We do not believe that men should have all the fun; this is why we have some sex toys which are specifically aimed at the ladies. One of our big sellers is the Rocks Off Ramsey Rabbit vibrator which delivers intense vibrations just where the lady likes them the most. We guarantee that Ramsey, he’ll […]

Spice up your body with Vajazzles

Brighten up your life and that of your partner by adding some Vajazzle to your body, the private bits or the more public ones. The Vajazzle Kits can be used for pamper parties, hen nights, nights out, casual adornment, Valentines, Honeymoon, Holidays, there is no limit, it’s just fun and so easy to apply. They […]

Crave creates some sensual wearable tech with its vibrator necklace

Crave have been creating a range of innovative and intimate sex toys since 2010 and its latest offering, the Crave Vesper vibrator necklace proves that even wearable tech can be sexy. Along with its successful Duet vibrator, a portable vibrator which can be charged via USB and is so quiet you can use it in […]

US Anti-Gun Advert Uses Dildo’s to get their point across

You can see where they were coming from for this Anti-Gun advert, I mean how horrified would you be as a parent if your kids played with your dildo’s, not in any sexual manner, just as toys. You would be pretty horrified with expressions just as those in the picture, but when they play with […]

Oral Sex Machine gets a Huge Amount of Crowdfunding

Looking at the next level of Oral Sex Machines the Autoblow 2 unlike a Fleshlight is operated electronically and seems to be a popular product looking at the backing it has on crowdfunding site Indiegogo. Its investment target was $45,000, but has received another $235,247 on top of that, so it seems like Letsgasm! Who […]

Warning of HPV When Sharing Sex Toys

Many are aware of the dangers of sexually transmitted disease through unprotected sex, but could we also face a risk from using sex toys? A new study from Indiana University School of Medicine has examined whether vibrators could be transmitting the virus between sexual partners. In the US genital HPV is the most common sexually […]