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Game Of Thrones dildo throne goes on sale on Ebay!

After the shocking conclusion to Season Five of Game of Thrones this week, many fans are left wanting more, but thankfully on fan has put up a piece of GOT fan art that is truly unique.

The iconic Iron Throne from the popular TV series has been erotically re-imagined with swords replaced with dildos. The throne, which trended on twitter when it was unveiled and is not on sale on the auction site eBay.

Here’s what the advert says:


Be warned though, as the dildo throne is described as in ‘used’ condition, so you might want to clean it first. The winning bidder must collect the unique piece of merchandise from London, but we’re sure that people would travel from all parts of the world for this special seat.

The eBay auction ends on Saturday night and is currently at £650; check out the auction here.

GOT dildo throne

Have some fun with the Jesse Jane Fleshlight!

Not found the right one yet and still “flying solo”, well we’re sure that miss right will come along soon, but in the meantime why not spend some time with the Jesse Jane Vagina Fleshlight. With this super smooth sex toy you will experience the most realistic vaginal intercourse sensation possible. Combined with incredibly lifelike detailing this is the nearest thing that you will get to being with the lady of your dreams.

The material is made from a patented, high-quality material, so good is this that it is designed to replicate the sensation of penetrative sex. To get the best from this Lotus sex toy we suggest that you lubricate it before use with Super Silk Lube and enjoy the most realistic vaginal intercourse sensation ever created; in fact with the irresistible inner texture, this is the closest you’ll get to being inside Jesse.

The Jesse Jane Lotus Vagina is very easy to keep clean and with proper usage it will give a lifetime of enjoyment, and you will not have to worry about child support with Jesse Jane.

Fleshlight Girls - Jesse Jane Lotus Vagina

Have some fun with the Rocks off Ramsey Rabbit Vibrator

We do not believe that men should have all the fun; this is why we have some sex toys which are specifically aimed at the ladies. One of our big sellers is the Rocks Off Ramsey Rabbit vibrator which delivers intense vibrations just where the lady likes them the most. We guarantee that Ramsey, he’ll bring you to climax and have you begging for more!

This bunny is powered by the RO 80mm bullet, and it is removable if you would prefer to have a more direct stimulation. Cleverly designed, Ramsey’s ears sit nicely at either side of the clit, this will absolutely ensure that you will get orgasms like you have never experienced them before, in a matter of seconds, in fact and they will be literally earth shattering!

Naturally Ramsey Rabbit is made from 100% medical grade silicone, ensuring that he is easy to keep clean and being entirely waterproof, this will ensure that the RO bullet is fully protected. You will find that the silicone is soft and super smooth, enabling you to massage any of your intimate areas.

In a choice of pink or purple, Ramsey is brought to you at a price which is not earth shattering, just £23.99.

Rocks Off Ramsey Rabbit

Spice up your body with Vajazzles

Brighten up your life and that of your partner by adding some Vajazzle to your body, the private bits or the more public ones. The Vajazzle Kits can be used for pamper parties, hen nights, nights out, casual adornment, Valentines, Honeymoon, Holidays, there is no limit, it’s just fun and so easy to apply.

They are applied to bare skin whether this has been shaved or you have had it waxed, even down in that special area. They take a short amount of time to apply, and what’s more you can do it yourself, or your partner can help no need to go to a special salon.

These are the ultimate in body accessories, with a wonderful selection for you to choose from, you can join the stars, fashionistas, celebs, and remember each of the Vajazzle body gems is a gem, made from true Swarovski crystals that look just like real diamonds with the same sparkle.

The genuine Vajazzle crystals are really smooth will stay even on the curviest parts of your body, and will usually stay put for up to five days, and are reusable with good suitable glue such as eyelash glue. Add to your ankles or shoulder and keep them guessing about the bikini line, that’s you and your partners secret.


Crave creates some sensual wearable tech with its vibrator necklace

Crave have been creating a range of innovative and intimate sex toys since 2010 and its latest offering, the Crave Vesper vibrator necklace proves that even wearable tech can be sexy.

Along with its successful Duet vibrator, a portable vibrator which can be charged via USB and is so quiet you can use it in a library, Crave hope that their new Vesper vibrator and necklace will change the way that women experience their sex toys.

Vesper Dildo

The Vesper was not only designed to provide strong vibrations, but also an elegant and timeless piece of jewellery. The vesper is available in silver, rose gold and 24k gold plated finishes and comes with a matching stainless steel chain.

The Vesper vibrator necklace features:

  • USB recharging (cable included).
  • Stainless steel body and tip that will not tarnish over time.
  • Free engraving for personalisation.
  • 26 inch matching stainless steel chain.
  • Splash-proof for easy cleaning.
  • Low, medium and high modes.

Vesper Dildo 2

The Crave Vesper is available for pre-order now with prices starting from $49.

US Anti-Gun Advert Uses Dildo’s to get their point across

You can see where they were coming from for this Anti-Gun advert, I mean how horrified would you be as a parent if your kids played with your dildo’s, not in any sexual manner, just as toys. You would be pretty horrified with expressions just as those in the picture, but when they play with guns (yes normally toy) no one batters an eyelid.

We personally think it does get the point across in a humorous manner, but as you know sometimes some Americans are missing the sense of humour gene and have complained. Why don’t you check it out here:

It certainly going to get people to pay attention, which is what you want and hopefully the serious message can get across.

Pelvic exercise personal trainer kGoal gives you sexual vibrations as a reward!

Having strong pelvic floor muscles is important for a healthy body in women as it helps during and after pregnancy, strengthens the bladder, provides stability for the pelvic region and lower spines, and enhances arousal and sexual experience, but the majority of women don’t know how to do pelvic exercises properly.

This is where the kGoal gadget helps! This intimate ‘sexercise’ device has been specially designed to encourage women to do their pelvic floor exercises by rewarding them with a sensual burst of vibrations once the workout is complete.


The kGoal works by measuring the force in which the pelvic muscles are contracted giving real time biofeedback to your smartphone and instructions on how to improve your workout. With a range of different exercise plans all tailored to your specific capabilities, the kGoal can help to strengthen the pelvic muscles and boost endurance while making exercising fun at the same time.

There are two prats to the kGoal system, the kGoal device and the kGoal app. The kGoal device is a soft and squeezable pillow that is inserted into the vagina and uses a special vent to allow air in and out for the perfect fit. This device measures your workout and provides real time feedback to your smartphone and a sensual reward for completing tasks, what could be better?

KGoal 1

The kGoal pelvic exercise personal trainer is currently a Kickstarter project and has already surpassed its $90,000 funding goal; if you want to learn more about the kGoal check out their Kickstarter project page.

Oral Sex Machine gets a Huge Amount of Crowdfunding

Looking at the next level of Oral Sex Machines the Autoblow 2 unlike a Fleshlight is operated electronically and seems to be a popular product looking at the backing it has on crowdfunding site Indiegogo. Its investment target was $45,000, but has received another $235,247 on top of that, so it seems like Letsgasm! Who seem to be the company behind the Autoblow 2 seem to be onto a winner!


Watching the video give you a real idea on how the Autoblow 2 works with added humour from inventor Brian Sloan. See the video below:

You can pre-order the Autoblow 2 now with deliveries expected by July and it is priced at $129, although we are not sure on delivery to the UK, but like us they do offer discrete shipping!

Now here at Shiva Online we don’t have any plans to stock this, or know if we can or its availability, however we do have a number of other fantastic sex toys to titillate yourselves with!

Warning of HPV When Sharing Sex Toys

Bound by Diamonds 'G'Many are aware of the dangers of sexually transmitted disease through unprotected sex, but could we also face a risk from using sex toys? A new study from Indiana University School of Medicine has examined whether vibrators could be transmitting the virus between sexual partners. In the US genital HPV is the most common sexually transmitted infection, it can seem harmless, but can lead to warts and even cancer.

The study took 12 women between the ages of 18 and 29 who had engaged in sexual relations with both men and women during the previous year. It gave them two vibrators each one thermoplastic elastomer – known as a ‘Rabbit’-style vibrator – and another made of soft silicone and asked the women to swab the vibrators after vaginal use, immediately after cleaning and 24 hours later. They found that nine participants tested positive from the vibrators for HPV on at least one of the vibrators.  HPV was found eight of the nine the thermoplastic vibrators and six of the nine silicone vibrators.

When they checked the vibrators after they had been cleaned, they found DNA from HPV on five of the thermoplastic vibrators and four of the silicone ones still. Then after 24hrs they did not detect the virus on any of the silicone vibrators however they did find HPV on two of the thermoplastic sex toys still.

Lead author Dr. Teresa Anderson, from the Indiana University School of Medicine in Indianapolis, said: ‘Sex toys used between partners within the same sexual encounter have the potential for transmitting HPV,’ Anderson told Reuters Health. Cleaning the sex toy has the potential to decrease the amount of HPV DNA we can detect and so can potentially decrease the risk of transmission.’

Dr. Jeffrey Klausner told Reuters Health said: ‘I agree with the author that we need to study and identify safe and effective ways to clean sex toys. When people are intimate, they’re going to share viruses and germs. The good thing is that HPV is vaccine-preventable. The bad thing is the vaccination rates are very low. ‘It probably would make sense for people not to share their sex toys. I’m not sure how practical it is during sex to start washing your toys.’

Other studies in the past have shown that more than half of women between 18 and 60 years old reported using a vibrator. Plus 65% of bisexual women have admitted to using a sex toy with a partner. It now seems that you may be at increased risk for sexually transmitted infections as a women if you are having a sexual relationship with adolescents and young women as well as women who have sex with both women and men.

Sex toys, mobile phones and a dead sheep – Water Company reveals bizarre items clogging up Devon’s sewers

South West Water has released an interesting report listing the weird and wonderful things that it had found when unblocking Devon’s sewers. Items including various pairs of underwear, mobile phones and even a sex toy were found, although the spokesman didn’t say what type of sex toys it was or how big it was.

A spokesman for the company said, “When called to clear sewer blockages, our technicians are never sure what to expect.

“Some of the more unusual items that have been found by our network crews in the Plymouth area include false teeth, mobile phones, plastic toilet freshener hangers, underwear, a 12-inch kitchen knife and sex toys.”

South West Water’s workers also encountered more unusual item, which were often flytipped down open manholes; these include building materials such as rubble and timber. Other items found while unblocking drains included children’s toys, false teeth and a dead sheep, although it is unlikely that the sheep was flushed down the toilet.

South West Water technician Lloyd Greenaway said, “When it comes to clearing blockages, we’ve come to expect the unexpected. When we’re looking for the cause it could be anything and it’s surprising what you do find.

“One time we were called to a blockage where the manhole cover had lifted up. We found two pairs of children’s wellington boots inside which was a bit hair-raising until we ascertained the owners weren’t wearing them.

“The sex toy found in Gunnislake actually caused a major internal flood.

“Sewers were only designed for waste water, poo and toilet roll. Anything else – whether nappies or dead sheep – can cause blockages, flooding and pollution which are unpleasant for everyone.”

Here are ten of the weirdest things found in South West sewers:

  1. False teeth
  2. Mobile phones
  3. Plastic toilet air fresheners
  4. Underwear
  5. 12-inch kitchen knife
  6. Sex toys
  7. Length of timber
  8. Steel rods
  9. Children’s toys
  10. Dead sheep