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420 Classic Pop Top Jar Write & Erase

We all know that by keeping your herbal mixtures and tobacco safe and fresh is a first important step for a great smoke and whilst some may say that they manage to keep their mixture completely fresh in an old jam jar, this is not always the case. So why take a chance with expensive smoking materials, or for that matter kitchen herbs and spices, when for just a few pounds they can be guaranteed to be as fresh as when they were despatched?

We have a range of excellent 420 jars on offer at our web pages, one example is the 420 Classic Pop Top Jar with the write and erase feature. These particular jars have a rubber sealing bung that enables a vacuum seal to keep the contents fresh. Also, usefully, they feature labels with a special coating that allows you to write on them with a marker pen and erase with a wet cloth, this allows, at a glance, knowing exactly what is in them.

We stock a number of sizes of jars which are as follows: Extra Small – 53mm diameter x 78mm, with a capacity of 89 ml or 5 grams. Small – 60mm diameter x 93mm, with a capacity of 150ml or 7 grams Medium – 76mm diameter x 105mm, with a capacity of 200ml or 10 grams, Extra Large – 95mm diameter x 120mm, with a capacity of 710ml or 42 grams and the “daddy of them all Extra Extra Large – 95mm diameter x 160mm, with a capacity of 946ml or 56 grams.

From just £10.99 you can store safely, in these airtight vacuum-sealed glass jars, just about anything you need to keep fresh such as biscuits, pasta, rice, tobacco, herbs and sweets.

420 Classic Pop Top Jar Space Man

We can be sure that whatever you may have been smoking in your smoking pipe, chillum or bong, out in space there will be nobody that will be able to smell it, what is more, with this great 420 space man jar, no one will smell your herbal smoking blends when stored In them and they will always remain nice and fresh too.

These jars first bust upon the scene at the last High Times Cannabis Cup 2006 and they are made from the very finest American glass, perfect for keeping your herbal smoking blends nice and fresh, plus these jars also make great display pieces. One of the main features is the Heavy Duty Pop Top lids and bases that seal in the freshness, you can check this out for yourself when you open them and hear the air vacuum pop when you open your jar.

The jar features great designs, you do not need to worry, and they will not rub off because they are baked on during the manufacturing process. Offered in four sizes and with different designs, you can choose: X-Small: Height 8.25cm, Width 5.75cm, Holds 89ml or 4.75 grams, Small: 6.5cm x 8cm; 7grams, Medium: 7.5cm x 10cm; 10grams, Large: 9cm x 11cm; 16grams.

Our price for these jars starts at just £9.99 for the X-Small size, in fact a small price to pay for the security of always having fresh herbal smoking blends when you pop the lid.

ROOR Airtight Glass Jar – what will you keep in them?

Air tight storage jars are a great accessory to have to keep your herbs and spices fresh and ready to use just when you need them.

These ROOR Airtight Glass Jars are available in three different sizes, small (30 x 38 x 38mm), medium (45 x 38 x 38mm) and large (70 x 38 x 38mm), and are embossed with the famous ROOR logo. These storage jars are great for herbs, spices, tobacco and just about anything that you want to keep fresh; they also keep the smell in as well.

Starting at just £15.99 each, ROOR Airtight Glass Jars are perfect for just about any home and are strong and durable enough to last a lifetime.

Please note: Colours of the logo may vary from the picture below.

 ROOR Airtight Glass Jar

420 Pop Top Jars – great for storing just about anything!

Air tight jars are handy for just about anything from tobacco to herbs and even to keep your precious items safe and secure. 420 Pop Top Jars are made in USA and feature thick glass walls and a vacuum sealed lid.

You can use these jars to keep perishable or smelly items in knowing that they will stay fresh until you need them. 420 Pop Top Jars are available in 5 sizes:

•    Extra small (53mm x 78mm)
•    Small (60mm x 93mm)
•    Medium (76mm x 105mm)
•    Extra large (95mm x 120mm)
•    Extra extra large (95mm x 160mm)

These jars are available in a range of different styles from ‘100% Organic’ to ‘Let’s Bake’ and start at just £9.99 each.


420 Classic Pop Top Jar – great for your herbs and spices!

The Classic Pop Top Jar is a great accessory to have in any kitchen to keep things fresher for longer. The air tight seal and thick glass walls give these jars strength and of course that satisfying poping sound when you open them.

Herbs, spices and even tobacco mixtures can be stored in these jars, which will keep them fresh and protected from the elements. The 420 Classic Pop Top Jar is available in 4 sizes, extra small (53mmx78mm), small (60mmx93mm), extra large (95mmx120mm) and extra extra large (95mmx160mm).

Prices start from just £9.99 and are available with a range of different prints on them for even more individuality.


420 Classic Pop Top Jar Herb

Everybody likes to do a bit of cooking once and awhile, and using fresh ingredients is key to a good meal. Keeping your herbs safe and fresh until you need them is easier than ever with this range of 420 glass jars. Available in a range of sizes from extra small (53mm x 78mm) to extra extra large(95mm x 160mm), there is a jar for any type of herb.

420 Glass Jars are made from the highest quality materials and each jar creates an air tight seal meaning that your herbs will stay fresher for longer.  Made in the USA, these glass jars will last a lifetime and they are a real lifesaver in the kitchen.

You can also store other perishable items in them too, such as your tobacco or herbal mixtures.

420 Glass Jars are available now from £9.99 each.

420 Glass Jars – Latch Top Jar With Pewter Leaf Emblem

Keeping your herbal mixtures and tobacco safe and fresh is an important step for a great smoke and 420 Glass Jars are perfect for the job. These air tight, vacuum sealed glass jars are prefect for storing just about anything you need to keep fresh such as biscuits, pasta, rice, herbs and sweets.

One of the most popular jars in the range is the Latch Top Jar with Pewter Leaf emblem; it is available in three different sizes, small (100mm x 160mm), medium (100mm x 220mm) and large (120mm x 215mm).

Made from strong and durable glass and featuring a fetching pewter leaf design on the front, these jars will keep your items fresh until the cows come home.

These Latch Top Jars are available now from £35.00 and would make a great addition to any home.