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The OCB Kingsize Slim Crystal papers are gum free, extra slow burning and made from totally pure vegetal cellulose. This means that they are quite invisible, but we assure you that they are actually there.

Once you have rolled one up you will be able to observe what lies within as you smoke it!

OCB are the long serving French masters of rolling paper, like musketeers but with rollies instead of muskets. Even though these papers appear to be made of a plastic-like substance, they are healthier than standard papers to smoke and are completely natural. So no extra hidden chemicals for you!

If you haven't tried transparent cellulose papers before (or are scared of them) give OCB Crystal a go because they're friendly and see-through. Like Casper.

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    • 5 out of 5 Stars

    Nas on 21st November 2012

    Perfect papers, even when not rolled the best, they still burn evenly and really slowly, guaranteed to make your high a whole lot stronger!

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