Vapman for quality vaping products

There are many vaporizers hitting the market as the relaxing effect of vaping becomes increasingly popular. Now you can enjoy the benefits of your favourite flavours in Vapman’s top quality vaporizers – the product of extensive research and development from expert Swiss manufacturers. Vapman products are classic examples of the finest Swiss innovations which combine quality materials with expert craftsmanship.

Quality portable vaporizer

One of Vapman’s most popular products is the portable Vapman classic. The quality of this product is evident in the carefully chosen materials and in its workmanship. From the hygienic, easily cleaned POM plastic mouthpiece to the wooden middle section that holds in the heat, yet protects your fingers from burns, your comfort is paramount.

Inside a variety of metal components including a stainless steel filter and spring, gold plated copper pan and brass air nozzles ensure that your ingredients can be heated to the temperatures necessary for you to enjoy an optimum vaping experience.

A complete vaporizer range

As well as the vaporizers, Vapman produces a range of products to complete your vaping experience, including jet flame lighters that display the same fine workmanship. For convenience while travelling, these Vapman products come with their own carry cases.