The Firebrand 100% natural premium shisha coal is a green energy alternative to traditional coal fuel. Shisha coal is made from the 100% renewable source of coconut shell. The main benefits of burning coconut shell coal rather than traditional coal is the much lower levels of odour and smoke produced by the fire, the high level of heat produced and the long-lasting effect of the combusted coconut shells. Using coconut shell as a type of fuel has been done for centuries, but it has become increasingly popular in recent years, in the drive for more environmentally friendly and sustainable types of fuel. The Firebrand 100% natural premium shisha coal is a top quality product that can give you the heat to enjoy your shisha pipe.

This premium shisha coal comes in a one-kilogram box that you can store easily in your room or designated storage area. The individual pieces of shisha coal come in small squares that can be easily broken down further to place inside your shisha pipe’s combustion area. The coal does not emit an odour while in storage. The coal is sustainably sourced and is produced from coconut shells that are retrieved without cutting down trees.