If you are a shisha pipe owner and are wondering what to burn in it, then an option is Cocobrico Coconut Shell Charcoal, available from Shiva.

What Cocobrico Coconut Shell Charcoal offers you

Cocobrico Coconut Shell Charcoal is the perfect choice for burning in your shisha pipe. It is renowned as being eco-friendly as it is made totally from natural products. Unlike traditionally produced wood charcoal, no trees have to be chopped down. Another advantage with this coconut shell charcoal is that it contains no sulphur and once it has burned, the amount of ash left is less than 5% of the weight of the fuel. One of the joys of using Cocobrico Coconut Shell Charcoal is that it is easy to light, so you are unlikely to have to face the unenviable prospect of struggling to light it with matches or a lighter. In addition, when lighting it, this charcoal will not produce any sparks. Burning Coconut Shell Charcoal will not affect the taste, allowing you to enjoy a very enjoyable and relaxing smoke when you light up your shisha pipe.

Sizes available

Cocobrico Coconut Shell Charcoal is available from Shiva in 1kg packets.