The advantage of using BubbleSacs is that they help you to eliminate unwanted contaminants and improve the level of matter available for use. They can even assist in washing contaminants from spoilt crops. The range available from Shiva offers you several choices. They include:

BubbleSac Ice Extractors

You can purchase BubbleSac Ice Extractors, available either as 2 Sac or as 5 Sac systems. A Catching Sac to enable further extraction is also available. If you buy the 2 Sac system you will find it includes a plant matter Sac and a high-grade Sac. The 5 Sac system includes a plant matter Sac, coarse filter Sac and medium filter Sac as well as a high-grade Sac.

Whether you purchase a 2 Sac system or 5 Sac system, by adding a Catching Sac you will have an extra-fine grade of extraction.

The Catching Sac offers an additional level of filtration, so is well worth considering when buying your BubbleSacs.

BubbleSacs, along with the other gadgets and gizmos available from Shiva, allow you to enjoy even greater yields from your crops. They are also sold only for education use or for grading solids. They are not intended for illegal use.