A good quality bong is a crucial part of an enjoyable smoking experience, and some of the best bongs on the market are those produced by Breitseite. These Breit bongs are produced by Black Leaf and differ from traditional acrylic bongs as they are made out of glass.

Glass Breit Bongs provide a smoother smoke.

The fact that Breit bongs are made of glass offers you, the smoker, several benefits. You can heat them to a much higher temperature than you could do with acrylic versions. This gives you the opportunity to enjoy a much smoother smoke than you would with the more traditional bongs.

Beautifully produced bongs

As well as giving you a much better smoke, these German-made glass bongs are beautifully produced. Exquisitely designed, they are also very reasonably priced and will not put undue strain on your pocket. These glass Breit bongs, as well as being attractively styled, also come in a variety of sizes, all of which means you have additional choices when buying your smoking accessories. Breit bongs come with sturdy bases making it much less likely will you suffer a spillage. Made from high quality precision glass, they provide excellent value.