Abo Alabed

Did you ever wonder about the best natural wood coal for your hookah? The good news is that there is a brand that can also be used in your barbecue or on a campfire. Abo Alabed’s natural wood comes from olive wood and is designed not only to be light but also to burn for a good duration of time.

The Abo Alabed coal is made in Syria and is an authentic shisha coal, even though it also has many other uses. You can also utilise it to get a wood burner started or an open fire in your home. The coals come in a stick format rather than the usual discs but work in the same way.

One of the advantages of this product is that it is designed to burn both slowly and evenly and this means that the smoke is a great flavour and is consistent. This particular pack weighs just over a kilogram so is not too heavy to carry around.

Those who are experienced hookah users will want to ensure they use good quality products for the best smoking experience and the Abo Alabed natural wood coal is a great starting point, particularly if you can also put it to good use elsewhere. The product has become very popular in recent years.