00 Box

Handmade in Spain, 00 Box manufacture high quality sifting and curing boxes from beautiful cedar wood. These ultimate smoking accessories come in a variety of sizes and one of the most popular in the product range is the Pocket Box. This is small enough to carry around with you so that you can make the most of your herbs no matter where you are.

The pocket size Sifter/Curing Box has a number of useful features including a low micron screen that will collect the best part of the herbs. There are also magnets on the lid and base so that you do not have to worry about the box coming open when you do not want it to. It is also so easy to use; all you have to do is fill the box with the herb and then shake it. The sifter will do the rest!

For those who want to go into the process in a little more depth the 00 Box for sifting and curing is perfect. You can dry your herbs, at the same time trim, and collect all of the potent part of the plant that might normally be lost. The box is available in a number of sizes and as they are made from top quality products, they are designed to last for years.

As well as the Sifter/Curing Box, 00 Box also make work tables with built-in sifter technology that makes them perfect for both the professional and the hobbyist horticulturalist. These wooden work surfaces feature low micron screens which will not only allow you to process and trim your plants without losing any of the material, but will also ensure that the material collected is of the absolute highest quality. These work tables also come in small and large sizes, ensuring that there is one for you no matter how much space you require.