Jaxx USA "Larry Black" 30cm Double Diffuser Bong

Jaxx USA "Larry Black" 30cm Double Diffuser Bong


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Product Description

Jaxx USA

The Jaxx USA "Larry Black" 30cm double diffuser bong is an ornate and classy piece that has a similar aesthetic to that of a whisky decanter.

It features two diffuser plates within its reservoir, one with the classic honeycomb design and the other with an attractive cut glass design, similar to those found on expensive glass tableware. These both help to diffuse the smoke as well as creating water bubbles, increasing the smokes surface area and and its contact with the water. This in turn helps to cool and filter the smoke, giving you smooth, tasty hits.

The bong comes supplied with a gauzeless 14.5mm male glass bowl, but if you need a replacement you can find one here.

This Jaxx USA Bong comes supplied with a regular herb bowl as well as a drop down adapter, dome and borosilicate nail to be used with concentrates

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