ROOR Little Sista Ice Master

ROOR Little Sista Ice Master



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Product Description


The ROOR Little Sista Ice Master is the latest model in the ROOR collection. It is a smaller version of the Dealers Cup. If you want a larger water volume than other bongs then the Little Sista should be considered. Now available with a choice of 14.5mm and 18.8mm joint size.


The ROOR glassblowery has been participating at the International CannaBusiness show every year - this year, they chose the event to present their new model to the public.

We introduce to you the ROOR Little Sista Ice Master. Already with a fantastic reputation for their collections, ROOR have, yet again, presented us with something special. The ROOR Little Sista is a glass pipe with an unusual shape, and an unusual name!

The creator of ROOR bongs had this to say:

Our company philosophy has always been to created the perfect pipe for each smoking behaviour - perfect with regard to function, aesthetics and quality. Besides the ongoing production we always experiment with new shapes and glass techniques. Our Little Sista Bong is thus also a model which we worked on and tested a lot, until she met all our high demands. E.g. we didn't choose the conical shape of its bowl base for aesthetic reasons only, but also because it allows for a more stable standing compared to the usual bowl-shaped base. Such things are extremely important to us, as our customers rightly expect from us no short-living one-way product, but elaborate and long-living quality products.

Due to the design of her conical bowl, the ROOR Little Sista Ice Master can hold up to 4 times the amount of water as other bongs. This completely changes the inhalation characteristics - some smokers love the resulting sub-pressure.

All ROOR bongs are made from the highest-quality Borosilicate glass. They are expertly hand blown and crafted to create a stylish, yet functional bong.

As with all ROOR bong. the ROOR Little Sista Ice Master uses a glass gauze. This gives you a cleaner experience with a nicer flavour, compared to using a bong which uses a metal filter.


  • Bong

  • Downpipe

  • Glass Gauze


  • Capacity: 100ml

  • Downtube/Diffuser Length: 155mm

  • Wall Thickness: 3.2mm

  • Ground Joint: 14.5mm/18.8mm

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