Here at Shiva we stock an extensive collection of baggies, little bags that can be used to store a wide variety of items.

For example our button bags are perfect for keeping all those small items in one place where they can be easily found when needed. Items of jewellery, buttons that you keep in case of emergency and can never be found when needed, coin collections, or even spare Euro currency left over from your last holiday. Our button bags are offered in a variety of handy sizes, with or without illustrations printed on them.

Smelly Proof Baggies are perfect for storing a variety of items and we offer these fantastic inventions in a number of sizes. These are ideal for keeping those aromatic herbs and spices fresh in the kitchen by using these handy smell proof bags, useful as well in preventing the spice aroma from permeating into other areas of the home. The smell proof baggie is also great for keeping your herbal smoking mixture or bulk tobacco product fresh and good to smoke. We even stock a giant size, ideal when changing a kids nappy when not at home.